In 2014, Haylee Benton started PamperPad because she wanted to make it a little bit easier for people to pamper themselves. There was no single location where she could go to find health and beauty businesses in her area, so she decided to build a directory that does the research on thousands of beauty and health businesses so customers don't have to.


Today, we’re glad to announce that your salon’s best friends have teamed up. PamperPad and Timely have partnered to make it easier for people to find businesses with services they need and book their appointments right from the business listing.

PamperPad members who sign up to a premium subscription, costing £20 a month, will receive a Timely booking button on their PamperPad listing. Visitors can then make a booking without leaving the business listing, and Timely’s system will take care of the rest.

The appointment will show up on the business’s calendar in Timely, SMS and email reminders will ensure no appointments are missed, and the customers’ information will be synced to MailChimp for marketing purposes. These are just some of the ways that Timely helps small business owners get more from their day.

In essence, this partnership gives thousands of businesses, particularly ones in the UK, the opportunity to gain exposure through PamperPad’s business directory and simplify their booking processes with Timely’s booking system.

Ryan Baker, co-founder and CEO of Timely, said, “We are focusing on partnerships with companies who are raising the bar for salon and clinic owners. Owners and their staff are increasingly aware that comparing software or websites is not always apples for apples. Some are great, many are not. It’s clear Hayley and her team at PamperPad are committed to providing a great platform and the uptake from salons is showing that.”

Haylee Benton, CEO of PamperPad, who says that working with Timely has allowed PamperPad to add value to their premium members, added that, although there are a number of businesses that were able to provide PamperPad with the booking functionality, she found that Timely was able to offer them a simple integration process, an intuitive booking system, and fair pricing for their customers.

“Timely is at the forefront of cloud technology,” Haylee continued, “and whether it be because our founding teams are both from New Zealand, or because we are united in our values and ambitions, we are excited about our partnership and the possibilities it holds for the future.”

“We hope we can work together to add value to both businesses and continually disrupt the way in which technology assists business and consumers in the world of beauty and pampering.”

The team at Timely is proud to be working alongside the team at PamperPad to make managing appointments easier for the thousands of booking-based businesses in the UK that are members of the directory. This partnership will also give customers who want to find a place to pamper themselves and book their appointments a smoother and more seamless experience.

That’s something we can get behind!