Meet our newest global ambassador, award-winning educator and hair stylist, Charlene Fernandez.

Timely Welcomes Ambassador Charlene Fernandez

When Charlene Fernandez burst onto the hair scene, she made her impact swiftly with signature creative looks at New York Fashion Week and Australian Fashion Week.

When she opened her own space ‘Reign Salon and Retreat’, Charlene chose Timely to empower her client experience and enable the flexible work life that many business owners aspire to. 

Using Timely’s suite of features like ‘rostering’ and ‘gap minimisation’ means Charlene can keep her busy schedule up to date, juggling her independent education and client bookings. 

“I love Timely, I chose it because it’s easy and evolving.”

“I love Timely,” says Charlene. “I chose it because it’s easy and evolving, it’s the people’s system, made for us and evolving through us. It reads my mind for so many tasks that I need to get done – whether it’s having a waitlist in plain sight, or rescheduling clients efficiently.”

Using Timely in her salon helps Charlene manage the many moving parts of her business, allowing clients the freedom to book around her national travelling gigs.  

“It’s a booking system and a business assistant all in one,” she says. “It tells me if I’m double booking myself and holds me accountable to my business’s growth. I chose to become a Timely ambassador because the system is as woke and progressive as they come. 

“It is pushing me to grow through all its features and it comes with a supportive and close community of inspiring creatives that I am so proud to be a part of.”

Charlene’s entrepreneurial spirit and ability to continually push boundaries for hairdressers is what makes Timely excited to partner with Charlene. 

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