As we approach the festive season, it's time to look back over what we've added to Timely over the past year. It's been a huge year for us, and we're excited to bring you even more goodness in 2018!

Timely 2017 Feature Round-up

We’re extremely grateful for all the support and feedback you’ve given us over the year, so here’s to you! Let’s recap the things that have made Timely an even better salon and spa management software over the past year.

Upsell services and handle walk-ins

Timely 2017 feature round-up

In January, we released our new walk-in services feature which helps businesses unleash their potential to upsell and better handle walk-ins. It’s perfect for those clients who love to treat themselves to a little something extra.

Find out more in the blog post here.

iPad/iPhone activity view

Timely 2017 feature round-up Upcoming appointments

The Activity view on Timely for iPad and iPhone is your go-to reference for what’s happening in your business, available while you’re on the go. This view shows you your appointments, busy times and breaks, all in a single unified view.

Check it out here.

Resource calendar

The Resources feature was originally released in 2016, and we received a heap of feedback that folks using the feature wanted a resource view of their calendar. The resource calendar was released in March, making it easier to get an overview of bookings made with your rooms and equipment in Timely.

Read the blog post to find out more.

Rebooking reminders and follow-up messages

Timely 2017 feature round-up

Staying in touch with your clients is key to maintaining excellent relationships with them, and ultimately encouraging return business. Our rebooking reminders and follow-up messages were released in July, and we’ve received loads of feedback on the difference they’re making to businesses using Timely. Don’t take our word for it though, here’s some feedback from a Timely business:

I can’t believe how many bookings I have had from the messages! It is worth every penny to carry this on.

– Converge Hair Lounge

Check out the rebooking reminders and follow-up messages blog posts to find out more!

Point of sale for iPad and iPhone

Timely 2017 feature round-up

When you’re running a busy salon or spa, the last thing you want is to trap your client at the front counter. Our brand new point of sale system makes the payment experience a breeze. With Timely POS, you can process sales for appointments, services, products and gift vouchers, as well as issue credits to your customers. We’ve been getting some amazing feedback on the app too:

Just tried the POS on my iPhone. Well done guys!! I can’t wait until you have the additional functions rolled out. Running my entire business from my iPhone is awesome.

– Anthony Presotto

2018 is going to be bigger and better. Keep an eye on some exciting developments on the horizon.

Check out Timely POS for iPad/iPhone here.

Small(er) enhancements

Timely is constantly evolving, based on the requirements of the industries we work with and feedback we receive. A few of the ‘smaller’ highlights this year include:

  • Provider numbers: If you have provider numbers that you’re required to display on invoices and receipts provided to clients, you can easily set these up in Timely. We’ve also since added the ability to set up multiple provider numbers, for those who may have multiple numbers they need to choose between.
  • We added new service colours and a new colour picker in August, so you can customise your calendar, your way!
  • Customer statements showing a customer’s invoice history can be printed from a customer record, but we’ve added the ability to filter these statements by date.

This is just a sample of the things we’re constantly adding to Timely, so check out our Changelog if you’re keen to know more!

There are big things coming in 2018!

You may have seen that we recently raised $7m of funding, which we’re already putting to work to make Timely bigger and better than ever before. To get a sneak peek of what’s coming next year, check out this blog post.