It's 2019 and your clients expect you to have online booking, but not all online booking is the same. Timely's online booking app lets you choose how you want your clients to book, eliminating the possibility of annoying time gaps in your calendar.    

The World’s Smartest Online Booking – only available with Timely!

Online booking transforms businesses by saving them time, increasing sales and upping productivity. Timely customers also see these results, but they have something extra up their sleeve. Introducing Minimise gaps:

Minimise Gaps is a game changer

Clients love online booking, but letting your clients choose the time of their appointments can leave you with gaps in your calendar. With Timely you have the option to minimise gaps by choosing “Show only adjacent timeslots” or “Show only the first available timeslot”. This means that your clients can only choose appointments that are right next to other appointments, minimising gaps!!

Here’s an example of the difference between having ‘Minimise gaps’ off (left) vs on (right):


So how do I turn on Minimise Gaps?

It’s not compulsory, but if you want to minimise gaps in your calendar, go to Set up > Online bookings and click the “Show only adjacent timeslots” or the “Show only the first available timeslot” checkbox and then click ‘save’.

Image of where to find the setting in Timely

Find out more about Minimise gaps here.

On the fence about adding online booking to your salon?

Knowing that you won’t have gaps between your appointments should put you at ease but here are a few more goodies if you still need convincing:

  • Online booking is an optional feature and it’s super flexible. You control which of your services, locations and staff members are available and when.
  • When potential clients are stalking your Instagram and Facebook photos at 10pm, they may become impulsive and want to book with you straight away… so let them! You can add the Timely booking button to your Facebook and Instagram as well.
  • Get more time back in your day. Online booking means you’ll spend less time on the phone and replying to messages.
  • We have a ‘penciled in’ online booking option where your clients can see your available time and request an appointment, you can confirm it if the appointment works for you!
  • If you’re worried about no-shows, don’t be. You can ask for full payment or a deposit online. Trust us on this one, no-shows won’t be an issue.

Find out more about online booking in Timely here.

What’s next for online booking?

We’re giving our online booking a makeover. We want your client’s online booking experience to match the beautiful experience they receive from you in your salon. So in a few weeks time, we’ll be rolling out beautiful new colours, fonts and an overall better experience for clients booking online.