Kia ora / Hello Timely Community! I’m here to share the very exciting news that we’ve joined a global family of service software companies called EverCommerce.

The Timely family is growing

EverCommerce are experts in beauty and wellness technology, and passionately believe in our mission to grow the value of the beauty industry. They’re excited about the progress we’ve made so far, and want to accelerate what we are doing with their support.

Overall, you won’t see much change here at all. We’re still the same bunch of people doing the same things we always have. What you will notice, though, is that we’ll start doing them even faster and with the same dedication to excellent service.

Timely’s goal is a lofty one. Growing the value of the beauty industry and increasing the wealth of everyone in it. It’s a big challenge, but with the backing we now have we know that Timely’s next chapter will tell the story of that job being done.


Growing the value of the beauty industry — Timely x Evercommerce


A few words on how we intend to keep pushing towards that goal:

We build technology that supports your success

We’ll stay focused on delivering value that supports your profitability and productivity, and makes it easy for your brand and business to deliver world-class client experiences.

We are your advocates

We’ll continue working closely with industry bodies and other folks doing important work to grow the credibility and recognition of this industry, helping raise awareness, standards and performance.

We help connect you all to each other

Whether it’s finding support while using Timely, chatting about business and industry challenges and best practices with your peers, bringing you skilled and passionate global educators, coaches and storytellers, or running events, we’ll continue building a community that feels connected and supported.

Thank you for being such an amazing community, and just a great bunch of teammates in the important industry mission Timely is on. We can’t wait to write this next exciting chapter alongside you.

Noho ora mai, all the best,

Ryan Baker
Co-founder & CEO