For Lesley Logan, becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist was a very personal journey. And it’s that personal journey (and personal experience with chronic pain) that has brought a deep empathy to her practice.

The road to recovery and to a new business

Lesley opened Massage Clinic QT — Road to Recovery in 2011 as a solo operator.

Six years on, her business is growing from strength to strength.

Lesley’s Road to Recovery

As an avid cyclist and triathlete, Lesley understands the importance of caring for your body when you’re pushing the limits. Her passion for sport and exercise attracts many similarly sport-focused clients.

However, she hasn’t always been so physically active and able.

After a complicated back surgery, Lesley was facing a long slog back to full mobility. It was during her rehabilitation that she learned first-hand about the importance of looking after and giving back to your body, including regular massages, and exercising gently with swimming and walking.

Lesley understands how debilitating injury and forced inactivity can be, how it can lead to chronic pain and depression. It’s this level of understanding that gives her clinic an edge over her competitors.

The road to recovery and to a new business

After spending years in the hospitality industry, Lesley was facing a bit of a cross-roads, wondering what else she could pursue in the next chapter of her life.

“I decided I wanted to learn more about my body. So I went to back to school!”

Lesley received her Diploma in Massage Therapy (Hons) at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine.

Studying massage therapy exposed Lesley to how complex the practice truly was. “I was blown away. It’s not just your relaxation and deep muscle techniques. There’s this whole neuromuscular and clinical therapy and sports massage side.”

The road to recovery and to a new business

At the Massage Clinic QT, client care is at the heart of their service.

“Communication is key. We need to know that our client feels cared for and looked after so that we can deliver. It’s their session, and their body, not ours.”

“Being a Massage Therapist requires acute perception. You need to be alert to the cues clients give you, which are often not verbal.”

Six years in, Lesley is continuing to learn and grow, as is her business. She now employs two full-time therapists.

And although she spent 15 years in the hospitality industry, and had a business with her partner, she says starting (and growing) Massage Clinic QT has been a very different experience. It’s her business, which means the risks – and rewards – are greater.

“Now, with Timely and more staff, I feel more empowered.”

Using Timely means that Lesley can travel for courses, train, and spend more time working on her business – all while keeping a watchful eye on bookings and figures.

“There are small stepping stones, and I am learning a lot.”

And although she is still hands-on with clients, she wants to keep some time to herself to keep learning and upskilling. Lesley is currently working towards becoming a specialist in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, an area she hopes to focus on as the clinic grows. Timely gives her the ability to do that, while still growing her business and serving her clients with the care and attention that’s brought her so much success.

“As a business owner, being able to book anywhere and at any time is brilliant. And I can go training, or travel, and still take bookings!”