OFF Wax and Brow Bar has been awarded BEST WAX for four years running from the influential magazine Metro. There’s good reason for that – this is a business that focuses purely on waxing, and that’s it. No other beauty treatments allowed.

The right booking solution for a growing business

As a wax clinic, they are famous for their Brazilians, Brozilians (they even trademarked it), and their ‘brow wow’ magic. They don’t wear white coats, don’t allow Enya to play through their speakers, and they think that waxing shouldn’t be anything to fear.

This philosophy and approach to waxing has clearly resonated with customers. OFF Wax opened in 2008 with a single branch and has now grown to three branches in total (the two others are in Takapuna and Britomart). Nicky at OFF Wax had big plans right from the start, and she wants to continue this by growing and expanding the business further still. With the desire to use smart software, she has found that Timely is a great tool that can easily grow alongside her business.

“Timely is the central nervous system of our business.”

At the end of the day, OFF Wax is all about appointments. So they need a really robust and reliable solution that is going to look after the biggest part of their business. And that is where Timely comes in. It takes care of all of their appointment scheduling, and “it helps us to maximise our day but also our profitability. It’s the place where new clients are first booked in, and where all notes of their treatments are kept. All of this information in one place really helps us retain those clients so that they turn into regular visitors to OFF.”

In fact, Nicky says “it’s the central nervous system of our business.” The beauty of Timely is that it can grow with them, as their business expands.

Nicky explains that she’s not a very tech savvy person. However, she has found Timely extremely easy to use, and she absolutely loves the fact that she can log in from anywhere, on any device, to check in with what’s going on at Off. She even claims to check in while she’s on holiday!

“The thing is, it looks great… and we’re all about things that are beautiful. So when things look great, they are also easier to use.”

The right booking solution for a growing business