We’ve got an early Christmas present for you. Gift vouchers have come to Timely!

The gift that keeps on giving!

That’s right! Gift vouchers are one of the features you’ve told us you want the most. We listened and have been working with a group of Timely customers to make sure that we get this important feature just right. Now, we’re super excited to share this feature with you just in time for the Christmas rush.

Gift vouchers make it easy for your customers to gift your amazing services to their friends and family.

The process is simple, and gives you complete visibility over your gift vouchers from creation to redemption. Let’s check out what you’ll need to do to use the Timely gift vouchers feature.

Create gift vouchers in Timely

Creating and customising your gift vouchers in Timely is a breeze! To get started, head to Setup > Gift vouchers and click the big green Add gift voucher amount button. Create your gift voucher by adding a name, value, description and terms.


When you’re creating your gift vouchers, you can set them up to be sold online on either your mini-website or your own website.

If you’d like to customise the design of your vouchers, adjust your online booking widget colours, or make further tweaks to your gift vouchers layout by clicking Voucher print settings.

Check out the help article for more details.

Sell your gift vouchers to customers

Gift vouchers can be sold in a number of ways in Timely, including online. The check-out process is simple and flexible to a number of sales scenarios.

To sell a gift voucher from the calendar, click the green tag ‘Create sale’ button and choose gift voucher. Enter the details and a personalised message if required, and click Save and pay. This will take you to the familiar sale screen where you can complete the sale.

Gift vouchers_Sell

Gift vouchers will not activate until they’re paid for, so this is an important step!

Read the help article for more details on selling gift vouchers.

Redeem gift vouchers for services and products

Once you’ve started selling gift vouchers, customers will start turning up with them to be redeemed. Gift vouchers can be redeemed using the Timely generated code when a customer is paying in-store, or when they’re booking and paying online.

To redeem a voucher in-store, click the gift icon (next to the discount icon) on the invoice. Search for the voucher code and apply it to the invoice.


If your customer doesn’t use the full amount of the voucher, no worries! The balance will remain to be used at a later date.

Find out more about redeeming gift vouchers here.

Track your gift voucher sales and redemptions

We’ve added some handy reports so you can track your gift voucher sales and redemptions in Timely.

  • Gift voucher activity: This report breaks down your gift voucher activity by staff member, location or gift voucher name. You can see the number of Voided and Not Paid gift vouchers, as well as the dollar values or Purchased and Redeemed vouchers.
  • Customer gift voucher details: With this report you can see a breakdown of all gift vouchers by customer.
  • Search for gift vouchers: If a customer comes in with a gift voucher you can search on the code to find the details of the voucher by going to Setup > Gift vouchers and clicking Search purchased gift vouchers.

SearchGVCheck out the Tracking gift vouchers help guide for more details.

Use gift vouchers to maximise your Christmas sales

Gift vouchers are a great way of ensuring business for the coming year. Promote your gift vouchers on social media and on your website.

Let us know how you’re going to make the most of gift vouchers for your Christmas sales in the comments below!