Text messages are a great way to stay in touch with your clients and increase revenue, with little effort. We’ve whipped up a few text message templates to make it even easier for you!

Text Message Templates for Client Reminders and Automated Marketing

Setting up automated text messages in Timely is easy. Take the time to do it properly once and then sit back and relax. You can remain confident in the fact that you’ll be reducing no-shows, and providing the best client experience possible.

If you need help working out the settings, just take a look at our helpful guides for both reminder messages and follow-up messages.

Hint: You’ve got 160 characters available for each text message, but automated emails have no restriction.

Here’s some text message templates that you can copy and paste right into Timely:

Appointment reminder

(Sent 24hrs, and 1 week prior to booking)

Let’s start with the basics. The most obvious automated message to set up for your clients is the appointment reminder. It’s a good idea to set an email to send a week prior, and then set an automated SMS for 24 hours before. Keep in mind that if clients book less than a week in advance, they’ll only get the automated text message 24 hours prior.

Hi FIRST_NAME, this is a friendly reminder about your appointment with BUSINESS_NAME on BOOKING_DATE_TIME. Looking forward to seeing you then!



Request referral

(Sent once per client, 24 hours after first visit)

Many salons gain new clients entirely by word of mouth referrals. Setting up an automated SMS message to encourage referrals is a quick and easy way to keep clients coming through the door. You can even track referrals in Timely.

Hi FIRST_NAME, we hope you enjoyed your visit to BUSINESS_NAME! Refer a friend and get 15% off your next visit if they mention your name :)

Easy text message templates for your business

Aftercare and review

(Sent a few hours after booking)

If you’ve performed a service that needs special treatment to maintain, it’s a great idea to send an automated text message soon after the appointment. With Timely, you can assign automated text messages to certain services. This means you can remind clients not to wash their hair after a keratin treatment for example.

It’s also a good time to ask them to post up a review after you’ve just given them some great advice!

Hi FIRST_NAME, remember not to wash your hair for 3 days! Feel free to share your experience here: [review link]

Hint: Use a URL shortener like bit.ly to save character space.


Special offer

(Sent 1-2 weeks after booking, depending on service)

The key to maintaining good client relationships is to stay in touch. What better way to generate repeat business than to give them a great excuse to see you again? These can be also be specific to the service provided at their last visit. Here’s an example:

Hi FIRST_NAME, are you loving your new cut? Stop by this week for some free fringe maintenance!

text message templates to maintain your open rates

*According to esendex.co.uk

Rebooking reminder

(Only sent if no booking made within a certain time)

Your clients are busy people, just like you. Sometimes life gets in the way and they forget to rebook with you. It’s a good idea to setup an automated reminder message to get sent out if the client hasn’t made a booking within a certain number of weeks. The frequency is up to you, but make sure you’re not bombarding clients with messages, or they’ll get annoyed.

Hi FIRST_NAME! It’s time to get that hair looking fresh again. Book in your next trim by clicking here: [Booking link]


Reconnect + special offer

(Only sent if no booking made within a certain time)

If your client still hasn’t rebooked with you after your last reminder, there’s a chance they might be seeing someone else…gasp! Don’t fret though, there’s still a chance to win them back with a special offer. The length of time to set before sending this message may depend on you and your business, and what service the client received last time.

Hi FIRST_NAME. It’s been ages since we saw you last, we miss you! Rebook this week and we’ll give you 20% off. See you soon! [Booking link]



These are just a few examples of ways you can use automated SMS messages to boost profit in your business. Taking a few minutes to set them up can pay off big time in the future, especially during the busy season.

Timely’s SMS pricing can be found here.