We're focused on making your job easier and quicker wherever we can, this is why ordering, receipting and general stock management in Timely is now better than ever. Read on to learn how you can use our time-saving stock management features in your business. 

Delete Those Spreadsheets, Order and Receive Your Stock Through Timely!

Set up your suppliers for easier ordering

If you’ve got a few suppliers that you use regularly (we bet you do!), you can set these up in Timely to make future ordering easier. Head to Setup > Suppliers and click ‘Add a supplier’, to add your first supplier into Timely. Fill out their details (as much or as little as you like) and click Save.

Once a supplier is set up in Timely, you can match your products to them.

Generate a stock order

It’s easy to generate a stock order from within your Timely account. Simply head to Setup > Stock orders to create a new order. You can search for (or scan) the products you want to add to the order and adjust the quantities you need.

stock order gif

Once your order is ready to send, you can email it directly to a supplier’s email address as a PDF.

email order

Receipt-in the stock order

From the Stock Orders page, find the order that has just arrived and click Receive. Alternatively, when viewing an order you can click the Receive Stock button at the top of the page.

If what has arrived from the supplier is different from what was originally ordered you have the opportunity to make adjustments to the quantities and remove product lines, making sure the order reflects what you have actually received.

A gif of stock being received in Timely

Once you are happy the order reflects what was received, just click the Receive order button!

Your order will now be marked as ‘Received’, and the stock quantities will be updated for all the products in the order.

For more information on managing stock in Timely or to view all of our stock management related help guides click here.

We’re keen to hear how you find this, and what else you’d like from stock ordering, so please share your thoughts in the comment section below!