You know firsthand that getting a business off the ground is hard work. But you've probably also found that the biggest challenge is finding enough time to do everything. We asked four business owners using Timely what they do with the time the booking software saves them. This is what they had to say.

I spend more time doing what I do best

What do you do with the time Timely saves you?

Aspley Wellness Centre – the Wellness Team

Aspley Wellness Centre is a health clinic in Queensland, Australia that makes it their goal to improve their clients’ quality of life. The team of eight started using Timely two years ago, and they tell us it has significantly improved their quality of life.

“Our admin team was really struggling with bookings, but now we can be almost anywhere with internet, and be doing most of our bookings or other business activities.

“The time saved has allowed us to focus on how to improve our services, and to look after our clients. We definitely have more time to look after ourselves too.”

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Arthur Murray Dance Studio – Matthew Aker

Matthew Aker owns the popular Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Castle Hills, which is well known for its social atmosphere and receptive environment. Matthew has been using Timely booking software to run his business for the last few months, and the time it has saved him goes into taking a well-deserved break between clients.

“I take a chance to breathe,” Matthew says. “Often I am teaching 8 or more lessons back to back and Timely has let me have time between lessons to breath before I jump on to the next lesson.

“The only down side of that is now the time that was being used to book and take payments is so efficient I can add more lessons in! No rest for the efficient!”

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Advanced Body Therapy – Maria Tedesco

Maria is passionate about helping people feel and perform better. That’s why she and her team run a body therapy clinic that specialises in pain and injury management. The clinic uses Timely to take appointments, store client information, send SMS reminders, and report on the business’s health.

Getting started was the easiest part for Maria. Within minutes her systems were taking bookings without her having to do anything.

“Timely allows me to have more free time because it is all setup and ready to go from the start,” she says.

“All you have to do is enter your personal details, and then you can forget it about it while it runs your business in the background. It gives me so much more free time, which I use to focus on my clients, family, and of course, relaxation time.

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Atlas Anatomy – Joel Segaert

Joel is a remedial massage therapist and the owner of Atlas Anatomy. He’s young, ambitious and talented. He has come up quickly in the massage therapy industry, and his ethics have earned him the respect of his peers. Joel uses the time he saves with Timely to work on his business.

“I enjoy using Timely because it frees up time to focus on growing my business, rather than just tending to it.”

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Have a story you want to share with us about what you do with the time you’re saving? This can be anything from working in your business, to spending time with the family or going on adventures. Get in touch with me at [email protected], and I’ll thank you for your time with 50 FREE SMS credits. I look forward to hearing from you!