When you're busy running a business, it can seem like too much hassle to post every day to Facebook or Instagram. But, it doesn't have to be a big deal. What you need is a plan!

How to Organise your Salon’s Social Media posts

1. Start with your clients

As with most things in life, romance, and business – timing is everything. Think about your clients over the course of their week. What do they do every day, and when are they active on social? Many people look at their phones even before they roll out of bed! A quick check at lunch time or in the evening during TV/screen time is also pretty normal. Ideally you want to catch people when they’re online, so these are the best times to post your content.

2. Plan your salon’s posts, one week at a time

At the start of every week, put aside 30 minutes to plan your posts so that you have different kinds of content to post through the week. Here’s an example:

  • Monday: If you’re closed, post a link on how your clients can contact or book with you even when you’re closed
  • Tuesday: A set of before/after photos from a great looking make-over.
  • Wednesday: Your stylists take a selfie (looking fabulous in your team meeting).
  • Friday: The best (in your opinion!) look/hair style from a recent Red Carpet event.
  • Saturday: A photo of the salon looking Super-Busy.

Having your social content mapped out at the start of the week makes it easier to post as your week gets busy.

3. Use the rhythm method

If you’re not posting all that regularly right now, getting into a rhythm is your first goal. Start with posting 3 times a week. As you get more confident, try to post a least once a day. The idea here is to stay in front of your clients so that they are tempted to book your services.

Inspired by her own journey to find freedom & profit in her award winning salon, Larissa founded the Salon Owners Collective. She now inspires other salon owners to do the same through coaching, courses & modern marketing strategies.