As we head into the busy season, it’s time to get your social media spruced up and ready for action. We've partnered with Kayla Zigic, founder of Socials for Salons to bring you a 10-day bootcamp that will transform your online presence. Learn how to turn browsers to followers and followers to devoted customers with this year-round toolkit to create a dazzling social media presence.

Transform your socials with our ten day bootcamp

Day 1: Perfect your profile

Update your bio and profile. Use our handy Instagram profile checklist to ensure it’s a comprehensive, client-friendly space with all the info they need right at their fingertips. 

Day 2: Introduce your team

Show off yourself and your incredible team! Share your staff’s in-salon gift picks, their cherished holiday traditions, or personal Christmas wishes. Add some personality and bring your salon to life. 

Click here for Canva templates

Day 3: Rave reviews

Share a glowing five-star review and make it look fabulous with our custom Canva templates. Consider using one that mentions gift vouchers to inspire clients to get them as gifts this year.

Click here for Canva templates

Day 4: The gift of giving

Share your link to gift vouchers, or highlight a product that deserves to be in the spotlight. Let your clients know what delights await them this season.

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Day 5: This or That?

Get your followers engaged. Host a ‘This or that?’ challenge on your stories. Ask your followers to choose between their favourite movies, must-have products, and cherished Christmas traditions. 

Click here for Canva templates

Say it with Stickers!

Did you know Timely has beautiful on-brand animated stickers that you can use in your Instagram stories? Just search ‘gettimely’ in the sticker library and you’ll find loads of fun and beautiful stickers to help you get bookings, share your waitlist, sell vouchers and more!

Day 6: Magical Monday reels

Kick off the week with a reels challenge! Show off a transformation that captures the essence of your salon. It could be a client’s incredible before-and-after, a peek behind the scenes, or the setup of your beautiful Christmas display.

Day 7: AI in action

Explore the magic of AI by creating a post with ChatGPT or Google. Write a prompt that gets them to conjure up a post about your industry. Check out our video for tips on how to work this wizardry.

Day 8: Engage and connect

Boost your community presence by following five relevant hashtags and local businesses. Engage with posts from clients, local media, and suppliers. Don’t forget to respond to every comment on your posts and spread the love by sharing stories from your trusted suppliers.

Day 9: Metrics that matter

Take a deep dive into your metrics. Discover what they reveal about your audience and content performance, then share your top-performing post of the year for a trip down memory lane.

Day 10: Goals for 2024

Set the stage for a stellar 2024 with clear social media goals. What do you want to achieve? More followers? Engagements? Perhaps a surge in bookings? Define your path to success.

Click here if you’d like to download the PDF version.

Ready to sleigh (geddit?!) the social media game? Let’s do this! Share your progress with us along the way. Remember, these exercises aren’t just for the holiday hustle, they’re your year-round toolkit for keeping your social media shining bright.

Re-run this challenge any time you need to inject some energy into your socials. Why not try it in the lead up to Valentine’s day or Mother’s day?