Busy salons, we have you covered. New features you’ll love are on their way.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of What is on the Horizon…

Welcome to another update! We can’t wait to let you know about all the great additions that are on the way to help power up your busy salons and enable even better experiences for you and your clients.

Making stock management a breeze

Taking the hassle out of managing your stock continues to be a priority for us. Last month we added the ability to keep tabs on your professional/in-salon stock separately from your retail stock. Coming up soon are a whole heap of changes to make your life even easier and your retail operation more successful!

Up first is the ability to quickly and easily make adjustments to more than one product at the same time. You’ll be able to fly through tasks like updating your professional stock levels at the end of the day, receiving new orders from your suppliers, and updating stock on hand after a stocktake.

We also know busy businesses often stock many brands sourced from multiple suppliers. That should be reflected within Timely, and soon it will!

You might already be sensing what is coming next: stock ordering within Timely! We know what a pain doing your orders can be. It can be tough to jump through all of your products, work out how much of each you need, then have to create your own orders for each supplier. Soon you’ll be able to say goodbye to all that admin and let Timely do the heavy lifting.

Our tech team are working on the quickest and easiest stock ordering system available. Generate and email orders to your suppliers with a single click of a button, or if you prefer, let us do it all and order automatically when your stock levels are low! 

The client booking experience

At Timely we are always looking for ways to help you make the best use of you and your staff’s time. We want to help you keep your calendars full, while ensuring your clients have an experience that matches the high standards you set in your salon.

Do you take multiple service appointments, but often find your calendar isn’t filled up in the most efficient way? Good news, we are hard at work on improving our booking system to make sure you never have to deal with annoying gaps again. The extra smarts will mean your clients have even more options available when making their bookings.

Once a client has made a booking we know how important it is to retain them. To help make client retention as easy and effective as possible we are making changes to streamline the rebooking process. You’ll never again have to ask a client what their previous booking was for. Timely will soon provide all the information, exactly when you need it, along with the ability to create the next booking with the click of a button. We’re also building new reports to help you understand current performance, and tools to improve your retention rates.

When a client comes into your business we know how important it is to have the relevant details available at your fingertips, allowing you to give great personalised experiences and always be on top of your game. To help you with this we’re adding the ability to attach photos to your clients notes – great for before and after photos. We’ll also be making improvements to the way you store and access your client notes. All the notes you have recorded will be easily accessible from the customer record. If you need to know what a client’s favourite shampoo is, or if it’s their birthday, the info will be there.

Security and trust

At Timely we take security seriously, which is why we’ve recently updated our privacy policy. We’re also making a few improvements to ensure your client data is secure, including adding the ability to easily switch between staff on desktop, ipad or iphone. We’re also improving the audit trails for invoicing.

Wait there’s more….

We want to ensure all our customers have a delightful experience using our salon and spa software. This is why we constantly take feedback on board and review our product. There’s a bunch of new and exciting things planned for Timely, and we have a fabulous team who are great at getting new features out the door every few weeks. The best way to hear about all of these is to check out our blog pages and change log.