When a client comes into your business we know how important it is to have the relevant details available at your fingertips.

Smile! Client Photos Have Arrived at Timely

A successful business needs to give great personalised experiences. To help with this we’ve added the ability to attach photos from your iPad, iPhone, or the web, to your customer details section.

The potential for this feature to help your business is limitless… here are a few ideas for your business:

Hair salons and stylists

Deliver a fabulous and consistent hair cut and colour for your client.

Delivering an exceptional cut and colour can be recreated. Simply take a photo of the end result and record some notes around the style, treatment and what colours you’ve used. Hey-presto! You or any of your staff can recreate it for next time.

Beauticians and beauty stylists

Let your clients see the the results.

Taking a before, during, and after photo gives your clients confidence in your skin treatment. Let them see the beautiful result and share your skills with their friends.

Tattoo artists

Let the magic unfold.

Tattoos can take time, often over a series of visits. With photos your client can see the progress and watch your art come to life. It’s also a great reminder of where you left off.

Spa’s and medical clinicians

Watch the transformation.

The proof isn’t just in the pudding, but having a series of progress photos helps to reassure a client that they’ll see great results, making them feel fantastic.

It’s as easy as taking a photo on your iPhone or iPad.

Simply take the photos from your iPhone or iPad or upload from your computer, add your description if you so desire, and hey presto it will appear on your Timely App and webApp immediately.

Check out our web help guide and our iOS help guide for more information.

Client photos on your iphone

client photo attachments on an ipad

At Timely we understand the importance of delivering an exceptional personalised client experience. Client photos is just one of the many features we’ve rolled out to enhance your clients visit.

Check out our roadmap for other great features on their way.



What’s next?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the logical next step is the ability to attach documents too! Yes no more long days typing your notes into Timely. Soon you’ll be able to upload documents too!