We’re saying farewell to winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, and things are heating up on the Timely feature front. Here’s a roundup of what's been released over the past couple of months, and a glimpse at what's coming soon.

September Features Roundup

New features

Rebooking reminders and follow-up messages

In case you missed it, our brand new customer messages are out in the wild and ready to be used! We’ve been hearing great things from businesses using the new messages so far:

“I can’t believe how many bookings I have had from the messages. It is worth every penny to carry this on!”

Rebooking reminders are a great way to increase your client retention and rebooking rates. Use a rebooking reminder SMS or email to give them a nudge to book in again after a set period of time.

Follow-up messages make it easy to stay in touch with your customers after their appointments. Use them to communicate aftercare instructions, request a review, or simply thank your clients for their business.

rebooking reminders

Point of sale for iPad and iPhone

Timely point of sale for iPad and iPhone is here! A joy to use on both devices, it works seamlessly with your front counter hardware to ensure you’re providing a smooth and professional experience to your clients.

Check out the blog post to find out more!

professional salon experience hardware




In amongst working on the big stuff, we’re always beavering away making smaller improvements to Timely based on feedback we receive from you, our customers. 

Here’s a few bits and bobs we’ve added in the past month and a bit:

‘Book again’ button for cancelled appointments:

Got a client who needed to cancel their appointment, but now would like to rebook? No need to waste time asking them what they’d like to book in for, just pop onto the ‘View appointment’ popup for the cancelled appointment and click ‘Book again’. We’ll create a brand new appointment with the same details automatically populated, so all you need to do is choose a time and click Save. Easy eh!?


Multiple provider numbers:

Back in March this year we added the ability to store Provider numbers in Timely and have them display on your invoices. We got a lot of really great feedback saying that it would be useful to be able to store multiple provider numbers per staff member. So now you can! Add multiple provider numbers to a staff profile, and select the appropriate entry on an invoice.


New service colours and colour picker:

Colour your day! We added a new colour picker and some awesome new colours to make your calendar look great! Check it out by editing a service under Setup > Services.



Coming soon

Keep track of your till with cash up

If you take payments in your business, you likely need to know at the end of the day whether everything balances out. We’re currently working on our cash-up feature, which will make it simple to count your daily takings, compare them to your Timely records and solve any discrepancies.



Bug fixes

When you’re updating software as often as we update Timely, bugs can sometimes creep in, which can cause funny issues to crop up from time to time. A bug is a glitch in the system, and is a normal part of the software development process. They’re usually small and easily fixed!

Almost all bugs are reported to us by you, so thank you and keep it up! We include all bug fixes in our Changelog, so hop over there and check it out if you’re interested.