There are certain things that every salon reception needs, regardless of your specialty. Here's five salon reception essentials that you can't do without.

5 Things Your Salon Reception can’t do Without

Every salon has certain things in common. Large mirrors, talented stylists, trendy decor, a space big enough to fit everything, and a salon reception. That salon reception desk serves as a focal point for your operations. Don’t think you can just shove a desk at the front of the salon and call it a day.

Here’s five salon reception essentials that belong in every successful salon.

1. Entertainment

This one is straightforward, but important nonetheless!

Successful salons are busy places, and customers (especially walk-ins) know they may have to wait a few minutes. Make sure that you’re offering your guests some form of entertainment while they sit patiently. You could go as far as installing a TV screen behind your salon reception, but at the very least you’ll need magazines and music available. Think about providing some toys and/or video games to keep any little ones occupied as well.

Having a screen in the salon gives you the added opportunity to advertise products, services, and deals. If the salon reception faces a window, you might even reach some passers-by with your special offers as well.

Having multiple options gives clients the impression that you’ve thought of everything, are in control, and will take great care of them.

2. Modern technology

You’re probably thinking, “I have WiFI, I’m as modern as I can get!” Thats great, but also considered commonplace these days. When we say modern technology, we mean keeping your big desktop computer in the back or out of sight. Using something smaller like a tablet removes any barriers a large screen might create between you and your client.

Check out this iPad and mPop setup:

salon reception ipad and mpop

A big desktop computer also means less space for other items that you’ll need at your salon reception. It’s worth the investment to create a beautiful front counter experience.

3. Your retail products

Along with your fancy tech, you’re going to want to keep at least your best selling retail products at the salon reception. Don’t ruin the client experience by making them wait for you to find stock out the back. Having your products visible and close at hand is a simple sales tactic. It helps your staff to upsell, and displays to customers (and potentially passers-by) what can be purchased at your salon.

If you want to take it a step further, consider offering free samples to really give the retail side of your business a boost!

salon reception retail products

4. A friendly receptionist

With all this talk of equipment let’s not forget the most important part of any salon front counter: the receptionist!

A friendly, approachable receptionist willing to help customers with all of their inquiries is one of the strongest tools any salon could have.

Here are some of the top qualities that you should look for in any potential receptionist hire:

Strong interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are about more than just good communication, they extend to how they handle criticism and how they work with other employees. Make sure that you hire someone that is an all-around people person and is good at active listening.

Well organised

You need someone that is well organised if you want them to do their job correctly and efficiently. Do yourself a favour and ensure that whoever you bring on is good at keeping themselves and the salon reception neat.

Good with computers

Knowing how to use something isn’t the same as being competent. Receptionists are the ones in charge of organising and using most of your salon reception setup. Make sure that they’re comfortable and adept at using your existing equipment, or at least quick to learn new software.

5. POS Software

Your point of sale experience can make or break your salon reception, and even your business. The payment process is the worst part of any customer experience, so making it as easy as possible is a recipe for salon success. If you have a slow POS system, that goes down often and looks unappealing, your clients are going to end their appointment with disappointment.

Your POS system should make everybody’s life easier. Do your research to find out what system will work best for you.

If you sell retail products in your salon then your software needs to be able to deal with stock. These days you can get systems that track all your stock easily, and some even order more or remind you if you’re running low!

A salon reception is the first and last thing a customer physically interacts with in your store. It’s worth putting in the effort to make it a pleasant experience for them. Follow these tips and you’ll be getting compliments on your salon reception in no time!