A salon group photo can be used in many different ways: Facebook cover photo, reception decoration, etc. Here's how to get a great one.

Salon Group Photo Ideas

Love them or hate them, group photos are a part of many companies. They make great memories, but can also be used to showcase your team on social media, or on the salon wall. Plus, why would someone working in the hair & beauty industry not look forward to taking pictures?

Here are some quick tips on getting the perfect pic to capture the essence of your salon, and show off your stylist’s awesome looks!

1. Get a professional

You won’t regret it, we promise. Yes, yes, you’re saying “Why would I pay a photographer when I have a perfectly good smartphone.” Everyone can always tell the difference between a professional photo taken on a DSLR, and an amateur smartphone pic. A professional will also be able to touch it up digitally if needed.

This photo will be a major part of your salon’s branding, it’s worth making the investment. Just ask around, everyone knows a professional photographer these days. Otherwise it’s easy to find one with Google. Whatever you do, just make sure you check out their portfolio to see what their work is like.

2. Get everyone looking their best

I’m sure all your staff will be well prepared, but remember to tell everyone well in advance (and remind them the day before) about your picture day so that they aren’t surprised.

It’s also a good idea to have your staff work on each other before the photo as well. If you’re a hair salon, get everyone doing each-other’s hair. If you’re a nail salon, do each other’s nails. It’s a great team building exercise and also gets everyone in the mood to take the perfect salon group photo.

The main benefit however, is to show off your team’s skills to anyone that looks at the picture. It’s an advertisement for your salon.

3. Wear similar outfits

Now we aren’t saying that you should abandon individuality, just that you should try match each other. If you have a uniform in your salon, that’s easily done. It gives viewers the vibe that your salon operates as a cohesive unit, are organised, and can be trusted.

If your salon sells branded t-shirts or other gear, then definitely wear those. Thinking about ordering some? Before the salon group photo would be a great time to do so.

If not, make sure you go for a more professional look. Match your existing salon design. If you have white walls and surfaces everywhere, get everyone to wear lighter colours. Remember, it’s crucial that your outfits fit the feel of your salon. If you’re in an upscale area with a sophisticated clientele, then make sure to dress accordingly. If your target audience is younger and more casual, you can dress as such.

On the other hand, if your salon prides itself on going against the grain, then show it off. If you’ve got a slew of stylists rocking full-sleeve tattoos, piercings, and mohawks, don’t be afraid to show off your individuality with your salon group photo.

Salon group photos can be fun

4. Have some fun with it!

One of the benefits of working in a salon is that you’re not stuck in a stuffy office all day.

You’re a fun, vibrant salon that works to give your clients an experience of a lifetime! Get this point across with your salon group photo. Choose an interesting location that will draw the eye, and don’t be afraid to try out some poses.

A salon group photo is a great opportunity to advertise your business, your brand, and your quality of work, all in one go. It’s something that’s often done badly, but is worth getting right. Follow our tips and you’ll have the perfect salon group photo that promotes your team, and benefits your business.