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Supercharge your Sales with Timely’s New Payment Integrations

We are extremely excited to announce our breakthrough new front-counter experience for salons and spas. Using your iPad, you can now process payments through the Timely App. It will also automatically sync to your payment terminal, meaning no more revenue leakage by undercharging on your eftpos machine and no more manual effort slowing down your client interaction.

How do I get this?

We’ve partnered with SmartPay in New Zealand, and Tyro in Australia to deliver this payment integration service. You’ll have to use one of these payment providers to be able to enjoy this service. The good news for those who don’t currently use SmartPay or Tyro is that switching is easy. Timely and the payment provider will assist you along the way.

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Create a beautiful point-of-sale experience in your salon with Timely for iPad. Payment integration done right.
Off & On are a beauty clinic with 42 staff in 6 locations. They tried and tested our new payment integration service early, to help us iron out any major kinks. They were delighted with the improvements.

“The great news is, reconciliation discrepancies are dramatically down!” – Kelvin from Off & On

Saving an average of 2.5 hours per week, Off & On have streamlined their business processes with the addition of our payment integration services.

What’s the upshot for your business?

Our new payment integration service plays a key part in keeping your sales humming. Together with our new cash up and refund (coming soon) features, you can now operate your business with the full confidence that all your transactions are being accurately handled within Timely. No more need for spreadsheets or using other software to help reconcile and manage your accounts.

Refunds are up next

Coming very soon, you’ll be able to process refunds for your Timely sales, removing the need to delete invoices. Your books will always be balanced, and you’ll have a better handle on your cash management.

Refunds will be released on both iOS and web, so you’ll always be able to keep your books balanced.

Using Timely for your sales means that you can keep a record of all your customers appointments and transactions all in one system. Empower yourself with everything you need to run your business. Check out this video which explains how Timely can give your clients an exceptional experience.