Life is about to get extremely busy for many people, but if you’re organised you can capitalise on the busy season. Make it a successful time of year, rather than a stressful one.

Reminder Messages for the Holiday Season

Reminding your clients to book an appointment is an important part of preparing for the holiday period. It’s a busy time of year for everyone involved. Clients are often so preoccupied with end of year events that they forget to book treatments until the last minute. Giving them a subtle nudge by way of automatic SMS reminder messages will ensure they don’t miss out. Your clients will appreciate it and you’ll be able to stay organised and efficient!

Frustrated by last minute bookings?

Take control of your calendar and ensure your books are full. Set up SMS rules in your Timely account, and we’ll automatically send clients messages based on your custom conditions. You can arrange it so that clients that purchased a specific treatment will get an automatic message reminding them to book in again after a certain number of weeks.

For example, automatic messages can be set up for all clients that come in for a colour. They’ll be sent an SMS or email six weeks after their treatment, reminding them that it’s time to get their hair done again. You can choose what format the message arrives in, the specific action that triggers it, and exactly when the message is sent.

I can’t believe how many bookings I have had from the messages! It is worth every penny to carry this on.

– Converge Hair Lounge

Setting these rules up now will save you time and keep your salon busy over the coming months. It’s a stress-free way to market your business and will help you look organised and professional to existing clients.

Want to send clients reminder messages?

Our new rebooking reminders allow you to stay in touch with your clients automatically. We’ll help you provide a seamless customer experience before they even hit your door. Our automatic SMS messages are completely customisable. If you just want send a reminder to clients that don’t already have a booking coming up, you can! 

An SMS sent directly to their phone is sure to grab your client’s attention. Studies show that 99% of SMS messages are opened, and have a response rate of 45%. In contrast, the open rate for emails are at 28-33% with a much lower response rate of 6%.

Reminder messages can be also scheduled to be sent out automatically in the hours or days before their appointment. We’ve found that reminder messages can cut no-shows by 50%!

Even on the off chance someone does miss their booking, we’ve planned for that as well. It’s easy to set up an automated ‘Did not Show’ message, giving that client the opportunity to book in again.

Need to follow-up after an appointment?

Our automatic messages aren’t only for pre-treatment. You can schedule them to send after a client visits as well! Think about setting up some holiday-themed messages over the next few months to ensure your clients have a great experience from start to finish. Like all our automatic messages, follow-ups are fully customisable. You can send them based on timeframe, specific treatment, or for first time customers only.

Follow-up messages can be the icing on the Christmas cake for your clients. Think about using them to request a review. Your clients may just be in the giving spirit!

Knowing that your clients are automatically going to be sent helpful messages can really take the pressure off during the busy holiday period. Staying in touch, even with a simple SMS, really helps build up those important client relationships. Not only will your regulars appreciate it, your future self will thank you for it too!