Reliable cash management is key to running a profitable business. This includes being able to refund customers when the situation arises.

Refunds Added to Timely

It’s now even easier to manage your cash and keep your accountant happy with Timely’s new refund feature.

Refunds in Timely will save you time, by removing the need to reconcile your refunds offline. With a set of tighter cash management features, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your books, removing the possibility of potential dodgy dealings.

Refunds using Timely on your iPad

Refunds make your front counter iPad experience even more seamless. Refunding a customer’s sale is straightforward and intuitive; you’ll look professional no matter the situation. Best of all, for businesses using SmartPay or Tyro, the iPad app will allow you to refund directly to your payment terminal, removing any risk of manual errors occuring.


Refunds using Timely for web

Refunding sales on Timely for the web is a breeze. You can do everything on the web version that you can do on the iPad. This includes partial refunds and even incremental payments against a refund.

Timely for the web also offers comprehensive reporting around your refunds. A brand new Refund detail report lets you see the detail of refunds processed during a specific period of time. We’ve also ensured that existing reports such as the Sales report, Executive summary report, and Monthly summary report take refunds into account, meaning your numbers will always be accurate.

How do I issue a refund?

Check out our ‘How to issue a refund guide’ for detailed instructions. Or, watch the video below. It’s important to note that refunds can’t be applied to customer credit, gift vouchers, or packages.

Check out this video which explains how refunds work.

Professional Stock Management is up next

Very soon we’ll be adding the ability to add professional stock, in addition to retail, to your Timely account. This will make it easier to manage all of your in-salon stock.

Professional stock will eventually include adding bulk stock adjustments, making adjusting your professional stock levels a breeze.