Maria Arora knows the power of natural medicine first-hand. After suffering a stroke that left her paralysed she discovered that the only practitioner prepared to offer her a solution was a naturopath, and it was her own journey to recovery that inspired Maria to start her career in natural medicine.

Customer of the Week: Perth Psoriasis and Good Skin Clinic

As the owner and Head Practitioner of the Perth Psoriasis & Good Skin Clinic, Maria has a passion for taking a holistic approach to a range of conditions. She has excelled in providing solutions to the types of problems many other professionals are unwilling to treat.

“I started my own business ten years after graduating in Naturopathy, and I have since made a huge impact for people with chronic conditions, fertility issues, pain management, and debilitating conditions that otherwise people would have had no solutions or relief.”

Throughout her career Maria has maintained a commitment to developing her skills and knowledge across a range of natural practices. She has combined her studies in medicine, psychotherapy, and pastoral care with her knowledge of bio regulatory medicine, bio puncture technique, homeopathy, dark field microscopy, mineral therapy, and coagulated blood microscopy. With this, she delivers a comprehensive holistic approach to all her clients.

“This enables me to access and treat a wide range of conditions quickly and effectively.”

Maria has been involved in education and teaching, travelling to countries such as Brazil, New Zealand, United States and Malaysia to share her skills and expertise, as well delivering training around Australia. Over the years her business has grown in strength, and the Perth Psoriasis and Good Skin Clinic now boasts four practitioners, a range of trainee students, and three admin staff.

“As the team has grown Timely has helped us run the business smoothly, we’re able to manage all our appointments and stock efficiently on one platform.”

The stock system will be particularly important as Maria and the team grow the newest addition to their treatment options, essential oils. By using essential oils Maria has seen significant effects and been able to reduce the recovery time.

For many people suffering a stroke can be life limiting. Through experiencing her own health challenge Maria has discovered a career that she is passionate about, where her genuine desire to help people will really make a difference and see them go from strength to strength.