We’re always workin’ (it) hard to build features that will have a positive impact on your business, but we know many of you are struggling during these uncertain times, so we’ve stepped it up a notch! We’re doing everything we can to get the best features and improvements out the door that will have the biggest benefit during and post COVID-19. Here’s a sneak peek of all the goodness we’ve delivered and what’s coming up.


  1. Protect your business with online consultations
  2. Run video calls with your clients
  3. Streamline your online payments with TimelyPay
  4. Empower your clients to manage their own appointments


Protect your business with online consultations 

A great way to ensure the safety of your clients and your business before your appointments is by running online consultations, and you’ll be able to do this from next week using Consult by Timely! 

Using Consult, you can now create and send forms before an appointment that ask clients to confirm their details and any health related questions to ensure they’re healthy and not putting anyone in your business at risk. 

Bit late to the Consult party? No problemo! Consult is our free iOS app you can use to create customisable digital forms for online and in-salon consultations, as well as client waivers and consents, injectable treatment forms, patch testing, SOAP notes, image mark-ups, and more. 

Party trick: If you’re on Timely’s Elevate or Innovate packages, save yourself from the manual data entry and sync your digital forms directly to the client’s record in Timely. You can also create a new client record or update the details of an existing client from Consult.

Expected launch: Sending Consult forms is live and kicking!


Run video calls with your clients 

Speaking of online consultations, soon you’ll be able to run them over video call in Timely! We’re about to release the ability to set up ‘Online services’ in your Timely account, where you’ll be able to link your appointments to your preferred video calling platform (e.g. Zoom and Google) and perform consultations, or even some services, online. 

This will be a game-changer for your business when it comes to post-COVID health and safety rules and restrictions for service-based businesses, and will help to maximise those valuable in-salon appointment slots.   

Expected launch: Video calls are available now!


Streamline your online payments with TimelyPay

Online payments are the only way for you to generate revenue at the moment so we’ve hustled to release TimelyPay;  the fastest and easiest way to take online payments! 

Using TimelyPay, you can manage all of your transactions in Timely so you won’t need to remember passwords and log in to other accounts to check your online payments.

Plus, refill that mojito because we’re adding a lot more to TimelyPay in the future, with things like cancellation protection and cardless check out. Cheers!

Party trick: Get TimelyPay set up and start selling gift vouchers and taking deposits online straight away!

Expected launch: TimelyPay is available to businesses in AU, NZ and the UK now!


Empower your clients to manage their own appointments

Client login has arrived, and we’re so excited about how this awesome feature can help you and your clients through the next few months! 

Using client Login, your clients can now easily view or reschedule their upcoming appointments, rebook a past appointment, make any changes to scheduled appointments, update their personal details, and check their rewards balance in seconds.  

Not only will it save you hours of scheduling when it’s time to re-open; it gives your clients the freedom to book and manage their appointment in an uncertain time, when they might need more flexibility with appointment dates and times.

The best part? It’s super easy to use, just send your clients a link to login to their client portal via SMS or email. They don’t need to register or remember a password; they just click on your link you’ve sent them, enter their mobile number, get sent a code to confirm, and they’re in!

Party trick:  Make Client login work for both you and your clients by controlling how far in advance they need to change their appointment, so you’re not left out of time or pocket.

Expected launch: Client login is live!

Hang on, the party’s not over yet! 

We’ve also added a guide to help you sell products online with Timely, and we’ve added a new filter for your SMS campaigns that allows you to send messages to clients who have purchased products in the past. 

Check out this blog for some helpful tips on using SMS campaigns to keep clients up to date on your business.

There’s more to come, so watch this space

Although we’re excited about all the awesome features we’ve been able to get out the door for you, we know it hasn’t been an easy time for anyone. We want to thank you so much for your continued support, and let you know that we’re doing everything we can to make your life easier. Keep providing us with the constructive and useful feedback you always do, so we can keep building the features that you’ll value the most.

We’re in this together, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or feedback.