2020 has been a challenging time for business owners with the pressure of multiple lockdowns and a range of new health requirements to consider; from PPE, contact tracing, and new social distancing rules to financial obligations and staff management. The landscape is constantly changing, but Timely Consult is the perfect tool to help you stay in control and protect your business, staff, and clients.

What is Timely Consult?

Thousands of businesses all over the world use Timely Consult to help them deliver exceptional client experiences and keep their clients, staff, and business safe and compliant in the wake of Covid. You can access a range of customisable expert form templates or create your own from scratch, and send forms to your clients via SMS or email to be completed securely online, and saved straight to their client record in Timely. 

Build and access your forms on any device

First things first; you can now access Consult from your Timely account on any device! That’s right, we’ve made building and editing your forms so much easier and doable on any of your screens; your laptop, desktop, Android or Apple device.

With Timely Consult you have access to a range of customisable expert forms to help you get started, including our Covid health screener, or you can easily create your own templates from scratch. Timely Consult forms are great to use for health and safety compliance, client agreements, capturing digital signatures, consultations, and loads more.        

Tip: Use Timely Consult to stay in control of your client experience by customising your forms to suit your business and match your unique brand!

Help guide: Using Timely Consult 

Send forms to clients before an appointment

In the current climate of social distancing and restrictions on how many people can be in your business at any one time, anything you can do to get clients spending less time in the salon is crucial. A great way to make sure you’re making the most of your clients’ limited time with you is to send forms to clients before their appointment, so they’re not waiting around in the salon filling in forms and cutting into their appointment time.

So, how do you do this? Now you can send forms to your clients via SMS or email for them to be filled in online via a secure, easy-to-access portal. Your message will contain a link which the client will click to be taken to the form, where they can fill it in online in just a few minutes. Easy! 

Tip: Save yourself time and attach forms to your client reminder messages! It’s less admin for you, and a smooth, professional experience for your clients.  

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Automatically sync your client information with Timely 

With Timely Consult, you’ll save time on admin, reduce the risk of manual errors, and make sure your client details are kept up to date automatically. How does it work? When a client completes a form online, that information will create a new client record or update an existing record for you! You’ll be able to feel confident you have accurate contact details for clients needed for contact tracing, and know that you’re doing your part to keep everyone safe.

Help guide: How to create and update client records with Consult