People around the world are facing unique challenges as governments decide whether it’s safe enough to reopen service-based businesses. It’s an uncertain time for many of our customers, but one thing we know for sure is that the ongoing health restrictions, contract tracing requirements, and social distancing will mean most industries need to adopt new ways of working. The good news is that we have an opportunity to do things better than we ever have, and Timely is here to help you thrive post-lockdown with a whole new client consultation experience!

What is Consult by Timely?

Thousands of businesses all over the world use the Consult app to help them deliver exceptional client experiences. It’s free to use and offers unlimited, customisable digital forms like consents, consultations and waivers to help you run your business more effectively. 

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Help guide: How to create and edit Consult forms

Timely and Consult are the ultimate power couple

We’re so excited to let you know that we’ve recently released a jazzy new update to Consult and Timely, that will change your consultation game. Now, if you’re a Timely customer on either our Elevate or Innovate plans using Consult, you can send digital consultation forms to your clients before their appointment via SMS, so navigating those new health and safety, and contract tracing requirements will be a whole lot easier. The client will then complete the form securely online, and it’ll automatically be saved to their client record in Timely.

Help guide: How to send a consultation to a client

COVID-19 health check form

We know that with businesses preparing to reopen around the world, many are looking for guidance around what they should be asking clients to agree to before their appointment to help keep everyone safe. To help you out, we’ve created a template with some of the key things you might want to ask. You can download below, please feel free to take this and use it however is useful for your business.

For our Timely users, we’ve taken it a step further by adding this form to your list of templates that can be sent out to clients to be completed at home.

If you have access to Client Documents (anyone on Elevate or Innovate) you will see the COVID-19 health form in client documents.

Download the COVID-19 health form

That’s not all we’ve got for you!

Make the most of your time with pre-service consultations 

Make sure your clients are prepped and meet all your requirements for a service and make the most of the appointment time you’ve set aside by having them complete their consultation forms at home. They can even add any relevant photos to give you extra context for their appointment.

Get some valuable face time before an appointment with video consultations

This one is super exciting! You can use Timely’s new video service feature to run through the consultation with your client via online video before their appointment, so you can get fully prepped and save that time your client would normally spend in your business. If you don’t want to send them a form first and prefer to host the consultation online, you can track their answers and treatment plan in a consultation form at your end, and it’ll all be saved to the client’s profile in Timely.

How to use video services

Timely Tip: When it’s almost time for your client’s appointment, take 5 minutes to quickly check over their consultations in Timely to remind yourself of the treatment plan. Everything you need is right there in the Timely app! By the time the client walks through the door you can get straight to work and maximise the time spent on their treatment.

Show you care with a post appointment check in

Keep your clients close, even when you have to be distant! It’s a nice wee cherry on top of the consultation experience to send through a post appointment consultation form to your clients, making sure they understand and sign-off any post care instructions, thanking them for visiting, or offering them the chance to give feedback.

A better consultation experience for everyone

After months of lockdowns and disruption, lots of industries are making preparations to lift restrictions and get back to work, which is awesome! However, with ongoing restrictions around physical distancing and contract tracing, the need for solid health and safety procedures will be vital to the survival of the service industry. Timely and Consult are the power couple that will help your business create amazing consultation experiences post-COVID.

If you haven’t already, check out the great content in our resource hub for advice on thriving through the lockdown, and getting your business ready to reopen with a bang.