To celebrate the end of a year even the Grinch will be happy to see the back of, we’re sneaking in some fizz-tastic features this month that will have you smiling all the way into 2021!


      1. Fuss free Consult forms
      2. No thanks, no-shows
      3. Your new waitlist awaits
      4. Sneaky new feature peek

Fuss-free Consult forms 🙌

This Consult update will make client paperwork a total breeze! With Timely Consult’s jazzy new automated form feature, you can now send forms based on what service the client has booked. How does it work? You’ll set up a ‘rule’ that assigns specific forms to specific services. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it in the help guide – it’s not as hard as it sounds!

If you’re sending multiple forms to one client based on services, they’ll be bundled together and added to the client’s reminder SMS. Not only does this seriously de-fussify your admin jobs; it also makes things really easy for your clients with one simple message containing everything they need to know about their appointment.

Tip: Use automated forms to take care of client pre-care instructions! You can create custom forms for each service, letting your clients know exactly what they should be doing before they see you.

Help guide: Learn more about automated Consult 

Your new waitlist awaits 📝

The festive period can be crazy with calendars filled weeks (and even months) in advance. Client’s who’ve missed out on appointments are always keen to hear of any last minute spots that become available, so a waitlist of clients at the ready when you do get cancellations is crucial, especially in December!

Well hold onto your baubles, because our waitlist feature is now even better then it was before (and it was pretty damn good) with the ability for clients to add themselves to the waitlist using online booking. It seems our developers just love to save you time!  

How does it work? When your client is booking online and they can’t see an open spot (or the time they’d like), they can request to join your waitlist, with details of their requested service and staff member automatically logged for you. They’ll then show up on your waitlist, viewable at any time in the sidebar of the calendar, ready for you to let them know when a space becomes available.

No thanks, no-shows 🙅‍♀️

If you’re not currently taking deposits, no-show protection will be a stellar addition to your business, especially at a time of year when appointment slots are at a premium! Combined with our recent Card Capture feature, No-show protection requires your clients to save a payment card when they book with you online, which is a great way to help protect your business from those naughty no-show’rs. 

If the client then fails to turn up to their appointment or if they cancel outside your cancellation policy, you can charge their saved card. It doesn’t cost anything to set up and you’ll only be charged a small TimelyPay fee if you end up actually charging a client’s card. Plus, with setup taking less than 10 minutes and having access to Timely’s famously fantastic support team, it’s an absolute no brainer!

Tip: No show protection will be going live in January but you can set up Card Capture now to start protecting yourself. For example, if a client books today for an appointment at the end of January, you’ll be able to save their card information now, and once no-show protection is released you’ll already have everything you need to charge the client if they don’t show up to their appointment.

Help doc: Revenue / No-Show Protection with TimelyPay 

Sneak peek: Sleek new sales flow 💵

Get a little look at a new feature going live very soon. Hint: it might be the biggest thing we’ve worked on in 2020, and we reckon that’s saying A LOT! The sales flow is probably the most coveted part of Timely; most customers use it every day, so it’s vital that this process is as smooth as a baby’s bum. 

Over the past 6 months we’ve designed a whole new sales flow based on feedback from hundreds of Timely customers all over the world! From improved product sales and walk-in sales, to a better voucher sales process and the ability to save a draft sale, the new sales flow is super slick. We’ll be giving you the option to play with it in January but for now, take a sneak peek here!