Award-winning personal trainer Jess Rule uses Timely to manage bookings and client information, which helps her business to be more efficient. We bumped into her at the Fitex conference and she gave us her story.

Personal trainer using Timely – Jess Rule

Jess signed up for a Timely trial at the event, and later said that Timely was the best, most professional and productive impulse decision she has ever made. “My clients LOVE it,” she continued. “Everyone is on the same page, and they know where they need to be for their sessions.”

Results Rule is a business built around promoting nutrition and regular exercise as a way to improve health and fitness. The business operates in the northern areas of New Zealand – both at clients’ locations and at the Results Rule studio, which is a renovated barn-turned gym in the rural area outside Kerikeri.

Jess is determined in what she’s doing, and as a result the company is growing at a rapid place. At Fitex 2013, Jess was awarded with the “Up and Coming Personal Trainer of the Year” award in recognition of her hard work and commitment to the industry. This was one of Jess’s proudest moments, and the endorsement has proven to her that she is really making a difference in the communities she works in.

To keep things running smoothly in her fast-paced world, Jess uses Timely to take bookings and schedule her day. After her customers book their appointments, Jess can print out a day sheet of all the bookings she has for the day, which comes in handy when the the 22 year old personal trainer is faced with a 7am-8pm work day.

There is no time to waste, so Results Rule uses Timely’s automatic SMS reminders and booking confirmations to ensure that no-shows are kept to a minimum and there is no confusion around appointment times.

Timely is a wonderful tool for getting and managing clients, but Jess has also found that the business reporting tools in the Timely dashboard can help her to keep track of the financial side of the company.

At a glance, Jess can see what clients she has booked in and how much money she will make from those bookings.

“I can now plan how many sessions I need to do each week to break even,” she says, “and with Timely I can count these sessions at a glance. It makes everything so easy.”

Jess’s motivation comes from the fact that she sincerely wants to help her clients live healthier and richer lives, and this is the key to the success she has experienced. When clients join a Results Rule programme, they become part of a motivated community of individuals who are working towards improving themselves. Timely allows Jess to cultivate this environment and work with her customers, without having to spend precious hours doing administrative work.

As Results Rule grows and new staff members are added, Jess will use Timely to manage her bookings and make sure no time is wasted doing mundane administrative work.

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