We had a bunch of requests for the ability to place a tentative ("pencilled-in") appointment for customers.

Let’s say a customer contacts you and leaves a message requesting an appointment. You can definitely take the appointment but you can’t get hold of them to confirm. Well now Timely will allow you to place pending appointments so you don’t forget to leave them a space.

Here’s how to do it:

Create a new appointment from Timely’s calendar

Choose the “pending” option under booking status


The appointment appears on the calendar with a striped pattern to indicate that it is pending:


Accepting or declining a pending appointment

It couldn’t be easier to either confirm the appointment or remove it from the calendar. Simply click the appointment and then choose one of the options below:


And that’s it! If you choose “Confirm” we’ll send the customer an SMS and/or email notification if you have those options enabled on your account.