We know many of you have asked for more payment-related functionality in Timely. Here's a quick round-up of the most requested features in this area.

  1. Online booking payments
  2. Mark an appointment as paid and generate an invoice
  3. Cashbook to record invoices and payments
  4. Ability to sell products
  5. Gift vouchers, packages and session tracking

The good news is that payment features are now at the top of our development list and form a big part of our product roadmap for the next few months.

Here is a quick summary of what that roadmap looks like:

Phase 1 – “Behind the scenes” work to build out the infrastructure for invoices and payments
Completed. Details here.

Phase 2 – Ability to raise an invoice for an appointment from Timely and mark an appointment as paid by choosing a payment type.
Completed. Details here.

Phase 3 – Online payments; e.g. customers can book and pay when making their online booking. Also the ability to send customers a link from within the main calendar app for them to make payment for an appointment.
Completed. Customers can book and pay at time of booking. You can also accept invoice payments online

Phase 4 – Products.
Completed. Details here.

Phase 5 – Build out the cashbook function including ad-hoc invoice items, split payments, account balances on customers, etc. Extend online bookings to support deposit amounts.
 Mostly complete. We’ve added account balances to customers, you can apply partial payments to invoices and  accept deposits for online bookings.