Today's update to our iPad and iPhone app includes the ability to redeem packages against your appointments. Be sure to check it out!

Package redemption in iOS!

Currently, if you’re using packages in Timely, you’re probably using the web version of Timely to redeem people’s packages against their appointments.

Once you update to the latest version of the iOS app, you’ll be able to redeem a client’s package when you mark their appointment as Complete in your iPhone or iPad. So easy!

What are packages in Timely?

Packages are a great way to sell multiple services or classes to your clients. You can sell time in bulk (e.g., 5 hours of Swedish massage) that they can then redeem as they wish. Maybe a quick 20 minutes one day during lunch, followed by a 90 minute massage on the weekend.

Or, you can give a client a freebie when they complete a package: perhaps one free training session after they’ve redeemed a 10-session package.

Stay up-to-date with iOS

We’ve got a guide here to give you some more ideas on how to use packages in your business. And here’s the helpguide for more details about using them in iOS!

Our team are tweaking and tinkering with Timely around the clock to make it work for your business. We’re currently deep into development of the point-of-sale and payment modules for the iOS app. Follow our progress here.

If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest version of the iOS app, you can enable app auto updates. To do this, simply go to your Settings app, tap on ‘iTunes & App Store’, and enable the switch for Automatic downloads for ‘Updates’.

Doing this means you’ll always be on the latest version of Timely, without any extra work for you.