It’s 2020 and your clients expect to be able to book online 24/7, whenever it suits their schedule. There are so many great reasons why you should use online booking in your business, and we’re about to give you two more!

Online booking has had a major face lift with client log in and multi staff bookings

We know that online booking needs to effectively juggle what your clients want with what your business needs, and soon we’ll be releasing two new features to make online booking work even smarter for both you and the client; Client Login and Multi-Staff Booking.

Create an experience worth coming back for with Client login

We know creating accounts and logging in can be a pain for clients, but with Timely’s Client login, their experience online is just as good as it is in person. Your clients will be able to access their appointment info in seconds with a code delivered straight to their phone, and next time they want to book they’ll already be logged in and able to rebook or create a new booking in seconds, without having to re-enter their details.

Letting the client change and view their appointments is a big benefit of client log in, both for us and our clients, because it allows them to be more self-sufficient and we’re saving so much time on the phone. I can’t wait for the more advanced Client login features coming in the near future. — Ray Wells

Spend more time with your clients and less time on the phone

By giving your clients the option to log in to their own client portal, they can easily manage their own appointments, saving you hours of admin time and letting you focus on giving your clients the best possible experience. 

Using Client login, clients can;

  • view past and upcoming appointment details
  • rebook with your business quickly and easily
  • reschedule their appointment

Give your clients the benefits while keeping the control you need

For whatever reason you don’t always want to let clients book online, and with Client login you still have the ability to control who can book online with your business and when. Soon you’ll be able to restrict certain clients from being able to book online, and/or choose to let only existing clients book online so you can vet new clients before they book with your business.  

We understand all services aren’t created equal. Some services shouldn’t be offered to everyone or be available to book online, so you can also restrict online bookings and rebookings to certain services.

The future of Client Login is exciting! Soon we’ll be adding things like Rewards balances and allowing clients to update their personal details and complete consultation forms. Plus, we’re always open to suggestions, so be sure to tell us what you’d like to see next.

Get more bookings with Multi-staff appointments

Sometimes your clients want to book multiple services in one appointment, and one staff member might not have enough time available that day for all the services the client is after. Where clients would normally have to call you to book a complex appointment like this, now they can book it online, anytime!

With the Multi-staff appointments feature, your business can spread one booking with multiple services across therapists when no one therapist has enough available time for the whole appointment. Clients will have more time slots to choose from and your team will grow their clientele. This feature is perfect for those who offer specialist services or full-day retreats across multiple staff members.

Businesses that have had early access to Multi-staff appointments have seen bookings made online increase by 5% on average, with one business seeing online bookings increase by 30%!

Multi-staff bookings are great, it gives more options to the client and we’re getting more online bookings! — Leah Miller