Online bookings are an important part of your online business presence, and the booking widget is the first thing your customers see when they’re making a booking with your business.

Online booking gets a makeover

We’ve received a lot of feedback on how we can improve the booking widget, so we’ve made some improvements which we know you’re going to like. The booking widget is used on mini-websites, in the Facebook app, as well as when you implement a Book Now button or booking widget on your website.

A polished new online booking process

Our talented Product Designer has given the online bookings widget a new lease on life, and we think it looks great! Check it out for yourself!



Pretty awesome right! A lot of thought has gone into making online bookings more mobile friendly too, in particular with scaling to different screen sizes.



We’ve also added some handy availability indicators to each date, showing whether there are morning or afternoon times available. If your morning is booked out, the morning square will be greyed out.



Customisable colours

We absolutely love our Timely blue, but we realise that your business branding may have a different colour palette. So, we’ve added the ability to customise the colours of your booking widget. This means that your booking widget can blend in seamlessly with your website.

Just head to Setup > Online bookings and scroll down to Appearance to get started.


You can choose the default Timely colours, a neutral palette, or you can get creative and define your own colours.


Any changes you make will update your online booking widget – looking good!



If you’ve gone a little bit crazy with your colours, never fear! You can easily go back to the default branding if need be.

Future-proofing online bookings

Along with all this, we’ve made some technical improvements to lay the groundwork for future improvements – yippee!

While you won’t necessarily see any of this, it makes it easier for us to implement changes to the online booking process.