New Zealand might be small, but it’s mighty in tech! As a bustling little country, we’re proud to be the home to quite a few tech companies, both established and upcoming. We've got branches around the world, and are fast becoming known as a country of innovators and industry leaders.

Every week is Techweek here at Timely, but we’ll take any excuse to talk up the awesome things going on in New Zealand tech. So in honour of NZ Tech Week 2017, we chatted to friends from Heidi Renata Consulting, RocketWerkz, University of Otago, and Immersion Marketing about what they loved most working in this industry.

The conclusion: we’re all thrill-seekers?

Everything moves at a million miles an hour,” said Timely Product Analyst Jess Free. “Keeping up with it is a constant challenge that I really love.

This is definitely something I’ve found working at Timely. After all, if there’s a problem with the app, or a new feature is about to come out, you can’t mosey along and figure it out in your own time. If we see a problem, we solve it as fast as we can. If we see an opportunity, we jump on it as fast as we can.

Our CEO Ryan told me about ‘the start-up distortion’ when I first came on board, and is it a real thing! One year at Timely simultaneously feels like 3 months or 5 years, depending on the day.

Kelsey Scheurich of RocketWerkz said her favourite thing about working in tech is “Using my brain, all day every day. It feels good to come home and be like ‘I solved that problem. It took me so long, but I got there in the end.’”

This is the reward for the manic pace of working in tech: the satisfaction of seeing results for your efforts. We see it in the happy customer reviews, the increased speed of the app, the recognition during awards season. You never get to rest on your laurels, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Heidi Renata of Heidi Renata Consulting summed it up beautifully:

“It’s exciting! There’s always iterations. It’s diverse, there’s so much variety. No day is the same.”

Some might find that exhausting, but we love it! Spending our days thinking up ways to make Timely faster and easier for you is a joy. We’re in good company in the New Zealand tech industry, and can’t wait to see where it goes.

Huge thanks to our friends and colleagues for taking the time to talk to us. Happy Techweek to all!