Your Timely navigation bar will look a bit different, starting today! We've added a couple of buttons that will save you (and your clients) time, and changed the Setup menu to be easier to click around. What can we say, we love efficiency!

Add an appointment from anywhere

You’ll notice two nifty new buttons on your main Timely navigation menu from today. You can use those buttons to Add an appointment to your calendar or Raise a sale from anywhere in Timely. Cool eh? No more mad clicking to get to the calendar while the customer waits! Just click the button and we’ll take you the calendar to select a time. Too easy!

Sell stuff from anywhere

Not only can you add an appointment from anywhere, you can also now sell a product, gift voucher, or package from anywhere in Timely. Truly, anywhere! Need to issue a customer credit on the fly? You can do that too, with one click of the button.

[WPGP gif_id=”46279″ width=”100%”]

Note: This is included on our Schedule & Sell plan. Find out more about our pricing plans here.

Rejigged setup menu

Adding new features is great, but it does mean the Setup menu was starting to get a bit unwieldy. So we’ve whipped it into shape with a simplified, more logical menu. You’ll spend less time looking for what you need.

[WPGP gif_id=”46277″ width=”100%”]

You’ll also notice that the ‘Promote’ options can now be found under Setup > Promote.  This is where you can create booking buttons, edit your mini-website or add Timely to your Facebook page.

Looking for bulk SMS marketingThe Messages section now also includes links to SMS and email marketing (MailChimp).

The calendar sidebar makeover

While it’s not strictly part of the navigation, we’ve didn’t want the calendar sidebar to feel left out, so we improved that too. If you don’t have a customer selected on the sidebar, we’ll show your upcoming appointments.
Timely sidebar upcoming appointments

We’ve also made some changes to the customer information shown in the sidebar – can you spot what’s different?

For the full lowdown on what we’ve added to Timely, you can always check out our Changelog.