Joel’s role here at Timely is to welcome anyone starting their free trial. He's the first point of contact, the friendly face, and the helping hand.

New to the Role, it’s Joel!

With my feet firmly on Australian soil by late May, it was time to start growing a sales team here in Melbourne. I was stoked to have Joel Schottlander come on board and join me early on. Joel has some great experience in SaaS sales and after some pretty extensive travels has landed back in his favourite city of Melbourne.

Joel was born in Canada, grew up between there and New Zealand, and has lived in both Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. He’s always loved the outdoors, so he’s never far away from the nearest ocean, forest or mountain.

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Joel’s positive energy and kindness radiates to everyone around him, and he’s already spreading that vibe to every small business owner he chats with. He’s making it easy as pie to get started by making sure triallers are supported by the right person at the right time.

Awesome to have you join us, mate.