We've been rolling out a ton of new functionality to Timely over the last couple of weeks. Here are some of the highlights.

Appointment pop-outs

One of our favourite new features is an appointment pop-out we’ve added to the calendar view:


The pop-out provides a quick summary of the appointment without having to click through and bring up all the details. At a glance you can see:

  • Service booked, price, staff member and time
  • Alert/contra details
  • VIP flag

We’ve also added new appointment booking options including cancellations, rescheduling, booking the next appointment, marking the booking as paid and flagging the appointment as a no-show. There’s a bit more information about these new options below.


It’s now even easier to reschedule an appointment. Simply click “Reschedule” from the pop-out (you can also click through into the booking details and choose the “Change date” option).


 You will then be prompted to choose a new date/time on the calendar:


Once you select a new date/time the appointment will be automatically moved and an SMS/email alert will be sent to the customer.

You can easily move appointments between different staff or different weeks.

Booking follow-up appointments

A lot of people have been asking for this and now its here! Booking follow-up appointments is super-easy and the process is similar to rescheduling. Start by clicking “Book next” on the appointment pop-out:


You will then be prompted to choose a date/time for the new appointment:


Once you’ve selected a new date/time the appointment details box will open for you to confirm that you wish to place the new booking.


We’ve made a few tweaks to cancellations… you can cancel bookings directly from the appointment pop-out and you will now be prompted to choose a reason for the cancellation:


We save the cancellation reason against the appointment and later you’ll be able to run a report to see the number of cancellations by type.


We’ve also added a “Did not show” button to the appointment pop-out. When you click this the booking will be cancelled off the calendar and the system will also record the number of no-shows against the customer:


Over time you’ll get a picture of repeat “no-show” offenders.

Right – that’s it for now. We hope you like the new features. As always we love hearing your feedback and suggestions. The best way to get in touch is to head over to http://help.gettimely.com and pop your suggestions in there.

What’s next?

  • Reports… lots of reports
  • Mobile version