SMS reminders can help reduce no-shows by 50%, which makes it important that you never run out of SMS credits!

Never run out of SMS credits with Timely’s auto top-up feature

That’s why we’ve added a new feature to Timely that automatically tops up your SMS credits when you start to run low. Never worry about running out again!

To turn the feature on, go to Account > SMS credits, then click the green “Turn on auto top-up” button.


The auto top-up feature ensures you never run out of SMS credits by automatically purchasing a new SMS pack when your credits are running low. You can choose how many credits to purchase and when, so that you can turn the feature on and it’ll run on auto-pilot.

If you’re not using SMS reminders, there’s no time like the present to start. Our customers find that using SMS reminders can decrease no-shows by 50%, which means less time wasted waiting for clients who don’t show up to their appointments.

For your clients, the reminders will give them the opportunity to confirm or cancel their bookings before the appointment time by replying with Y or N to the text that’s sent to them. It’s a win win!