Transform the way you run your beauty salon with cutting-edge technology. Find out how innovative point of sale systems and seamless online booking software can elevate your client experience and enhance customer satisfaction.

Point of sale systems for the beauty industry

A good point of sale system is essential for your beauty business to run smoothly.  

“Look for one that’s super user-friendly,” says Abigail. “ It’ll handle appointments, keep tabs on your product, and make payments a breeze.”  

Timely’s card readers sync directly with Timely, so there’s no manual entry errors, and end of day cash ups become a breeze. It means salon owners can track appointments, stock, deposits and cancellations without needing two systems running at once.   


Online booking systems for the salon industry

Keep your calendar full with online booking. Good salon technology means clients can book appointments online without needing to pick up the phone and select the best time for them. It makes it easy for new customers to book and keep your front desk staff’s workload low. 

“Who wants to pick up the phone anymore?” says Abigail. “Let your clients book their appointments anytime, anywhere. Make sure it’s in sync with your other systems for that real-time magic.”  


Salon management software  

Run your salon business with salon-specific software. Good software knows exactly what you need to run a successful salon like appointment reminders, automatic waitlists and staff management.  It also helps with customer retention, making it easy for you to stay on top of client data, rebook loyal customers and keep your clients coming back. 

“Managing a salon is easy with the right software,” says Abigail. “It juggles appointments, keeps staff schedules on point, and boosts the customer experience by helping you remember all your clients’ little details”  

Good salon software keeps your business in check and also gives your clients a great experience. Get one that does both!  


Wi-fi and charging stations

Providing exceptional services helps keeps your clients loyal. Sometimes they might be in the salon for hours – maybe even all day. Make it easy for them to spend the day there, with free Wi-Fi and charging stations.   

“We’d all be lost without our tech”

“We’d all be lost without our tech,” says Abigail. “Let your clients browse, scroll, and stay charged while getting pampered. It’s all about those little luxuries!”  

Who says you can’t catch up on work while you’re waiting for your roots to lift? Introducing perks like this into your salon business will help with provide clients with the tech they need to get through their day and help with customer loyalty. 


Put social media to work

Getting your social media working for you is essential. For hair salons, spas, beauty salons, showing off what you do and the results you get is a full-proof way of finding new clients, engaging with current clients, sharing promos, proof of your work and staying relevant.  

Creating a strong, organic social presence will help show your new and potential customers that you’re on top of beauty trends. 

“Get your salons on those platforms, pronto,” says Abigail. “Share those amazing before and after shots, spread the word about deals, and soak up the love from your clients. Plus with the right software, clients can book straight from Instagram or Facebook.”  


Automated marketing

Clients who don’t show up to appointments can throw your whole day off. Use automated digital marketing to remind your clients to confirm that they’re coming.   

Send out confirmation texts, follow up messages, and rebooking reminders. It helps you stay connected and keeps your clients loyal.”

“Automated marketing is a fancy way of saying ‘text your clients without lifting a finger’. Send out confirmation texts, follow up messages, and rebooking reminders. It helps you stay connected and keeps your clients loyal.”  



Last but definitely not least, you have to make sure that client data is secure. That means no credit card details left on shared devices, no passwords written down on scraps of paper, or sensitive information left where anyone could find it.   

“Privacy is a big deal,” says Abigail. “Make sure your clients know their info is safe and sound. Your tech needs to be rock solid when it comes to payment security, and have a policy in place to show you’ve got their backs.”  

At Timely, thousands of Timely customers trust us with their highly sensitive business data. We meet the highest industry standards of security and compliance, with two-step authentication, different access levels for staff, and encrypted payment data for clients.  


Made with salons in mind, Timely delivers an exceptional experience for both businesses and clients. Find out how Timely can transform your salon.