We're really pleased to announce that Timely now supports multi-service appointments. We know many of you have been waiting for this functionality and hopefully you're as excited as we are!

What are multi-service appointments?

Multi-service appointments allow you to combine several different services into a single appointment. Each service can have its own staff member, time, duration, length and price, but importantly all the services are treated as a single appointment and customers only receive one notification or SMS / email reminder.


We’ve worked closely with our existing customers to ensure multi-service appointments are as flexible as possible but as always drop us a line if you have any feedback or suggestions.

Watch this short video to learn more:

Important things to know

  • Recurring appointments are not allowed when there is more than one service in an appointment. If you edit a recurring appointment and add additional services it will be separated out from the recurrence. However, you can still use the “book next” function to copy the appointment to a future date.
  • You can’t add multi-service appointments from the mobile app
  • Customers are unable to amend or cancel multi-service appointments online