Big day for us here at Timely with two major features just released! And we’ve also thrown in a bunch of little enhancements that you’ve been asking for. Enjoy!

Mobile app

Timely will now run beautifully on any smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc). Simply plug this URL into the browser on your phone:

What can you do using the mobile version?

Please check it out and as usual we love hearing your feedback.

“Roving” locations

Does your business require you to get out of the office to visit your clients? Perhaps you don’t even have a fixed location? Well good news – Timely now supports roving/mobile locations. Here’s how it works:

  1. You can setup one or more mobile locations
  2. When you place an appointment for a mobile location you’ll need to enter the appointment address (i.e. where you need to go to carry out your service)
  3. The address will appear on your calendar – simply click the appointment to view the details
  4. Confirmation and reminder email sent to the client will have the appointment address

Other changes

  • We’ve added more Book Now button options. View them from Promote > Booking buttons
  • You can now specify different email & SMS reminder settings on individual customers
  • Products are now grouped by category when you add an appointment
  • You can specify some custom text to go on your confirmation emails. You can also place your own text on each step of the online booking process.
  • We’ve added more fields to the customer report