One of the world's leading men's hairdressers has started using Timely. He's on the judging panel for NHF, works closely with HABIA, and is associated with City and Guilds. MK from MK Hair Studio & Academy talks to us about his decision to adopt Timely into his business.

MK Hair Studio & Academy

Several months ago, MK started using Timely in his world-renowned hairdressing academy and salon. He loved it so much that he subsequently become a Timely ambassador, helping to spread the word about Timely globally.

While he has been involved with multiple hair and beauty TV shows, MK’s main business is a male grooming salon and training academy that specialises in barbering European and Afro hair. The Academy also runs courses in ladies’ Afro styling.

The MKHSA salon is an appointment-based business, and Timely manages the day-to-day operations, from taking bookings, reminding customers about their appointments, and calculating financial reports at the end of the day.

“Timely frequently surprises me with all the info I can get from it. It’s as if I have an accountant and a marketer at reception to talk to.”

Timely’s quick and friendly support made switching easy

Before using Timely, MKHSA was using Microsoft Outlook to manage clients and take bookings. This was very taxing and time-consuming for his team, as all the communication had to be made manually. But MK says that switching over to Timely was an easy process since Timely’s support team is always on hand to help.

“Being self-employed, a lot of the time I am up late working,” MK explains. “It’s refreshing to be able to email Timely at 2 AM to help with a challenge I have, and within a couple of minutes, I’ll get an email back with answers to my problem. They explain step by step what I need to do, which makes it easy. Sometimes when you are busy, becoming accustomed to something new is an enigma.”

Timely’s features are perfect for MK

Timely’s full-feature business management system suits the MKHSA perfectly. MK says that it’s hard to choose what his favourite feature is, but if he had to, it would be the client reminders and the reports that Timely can generate.

“The automated reminders to clients when the booking occurs, and 24 hours prior to their appointment, have brought the numbers of late comers and no shows down dramatically,” MK says, “and this has increased our margins.”

“My other favourite feature is that I can get crucial numbers from the system, which is important because quantification is one of the most important aspects of a business. Being able to make quick, concise decisions on the next move to make is paramount and will enable the company to grow strong and steady.”

MK’s staff are happier with Timely

MK’s staff also love the new system,  it tells them everything they need to know, and they don’t need to work harder to book in clients.

“The staff are happier with our new online booking system as it’s less work to make bookings since they don’t have to phone clients. Let’s face it,” MK explains, “staff are always wanting to do things the easy way.”

“Now we can all do things in an easy and timely fashion that allows us to do more of what we do best, which is make great styles for our clients.”

Clients love booking with Timely

With such a large international profile, MK is a busy man who doesn’t have time to be chasing clients up on the phone. But with Timely’s automatic SMS and email reminders, he doesn’t have to.

What’s more, his clients appreciate being given notice that they have an appointment coming up.

“The icing on the cake is that our clients love the automatic reminders they get a day prior telling them everything. It works wonders on the new clients. It’s the best investment I’ve made in 10 years, as it has made us look better as a business to many.”

MK recommends Timely

Timely has changed the way MK does business so much that he has become a Timely ambassador, spreading the word about the app everywhere he goes around the world.

“I’m recommending this software to anyone that needs to book in clients for any service based business, be it freelance, sole trader or company. It’s impossible not to like it.”