Here at Timely we’re the masters of efficiency and we’re always looking for ways to make your life easier; we've released some great new time-saving features over the last few days which we think you’re going to love!

Mid-January roundup of new things




Automatic SMS/email notifications for missed appointments

Sometimes customers don’t make it to appointments. Maybe they didn’t have their coffee that morning, or they were tied up somewhere else.

Now when you mark an appointment as “Did not show”, Timely will automatically send the customer an SMS or email so you don’t need to follow up with them manually. The best part is that it includes a link to re-book at another time, which means they’re more likely to return.

To get the SMS/emails turned on for no-shows, head to Setup > Reminders, scroll down to Customer notifications and check the boxes for SMS and email notifications (see below).

No show SMS checkbox screenshot

You’ll need to make sure your customer is set up to receive email and SMS notifications. To do that head to Customers > Edit and under the Notifications tab make sure the email and SMS notification check-boxes are ticked.

You can set up your own SMS template by going to Setup > SMS templates. We’re working on making email templates customisable, so cast your vote if this is something you’d like to see.

Screenshot of SMS template settings page



Assigning invoice line items to individual staff

Sometimes a customer will see multiple staff in a visit to your business. Previously an entire invoice was attributed to an individual staff member, but now you can select a staff member for each line item. Wahoo! Your invoices will be more accurate and you’ll be able to attribute earnings to specific staff members.

Simply raise an invoice as you normally would, and select the staff member for service performed. You can also use the ‘edit all’ button to change the staff member for all line items.

Please note: all line items on existing invoices prior to today have been assigned to the staff member that was previously saved against the invoice.

Screenshot of editable staff on invoice


Staff nicknames or aliases

You may not want to the full name of your staff members to be viewable on your mini-site and online bookings. Now you can add a nickname or alias for your staff.

To try it out head to Setup > Staff and scroll down to Personal info.

Screenshot of alias edit field

It’s super quick and easy to add, and will show up on your mini website, during the online booking process and in all emails to your customers.

Screenshot of alias showing in mini site


List of recent changes to an appointment in amendment emails

Boy, have those Techbots been busy! We’ve also included change history to appointment amendment emails.

Now you can see a list of all the changes that have been made to that appointment in the amendment email you receive, rather than having to spend heaps of time trawling through previous emails.

Screenshot of amendment email history log



Facebook and Twitter links in confirmation and reminder emails

We know you put a lot of time and effort into your social media accounts, so we’ve added links to your Facebook and Twitter into confirmation and reminder emails sent from Timely.

If you don’t have your social media accounts set up in Timely, head to Promote > Social networks and enter the details for your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Screenshot of editing social networks


Keep sharing your great ideas!

We love hearing from our Timely family, so keep sharing your ideas and requests on the Customer Feedback page.