We’re ecstatic to announce that the Massage Association of Australia (MAA) has partnered with Timely to provide massage therapists who are members of the organisation with a leading booking platform for their businesses. This enables us to help thousands of small business owners operating in the massage industry get more out of their day by running more efficient businesses with Timely.


The MAA is an organisation that represents massage professionals and promotes massage therapy within Australia. The association is dedicated to serving its members, which it does by helping them stay up to date with latest developments in the industry, offering them continued education, and giving them discounts on required commodities like insurance. The MAA prides itself on giving its members an advantage, both in business and in practice.

With this in mind, Timely and the MAA have chosen to work together with an exclusive offer for massage therapists in Australia, which will provide registered MAA members a 20% discount for 12 months on their Timely account, as well as 200 free SMS credits to get started with appointment reminders. We hope this will give MAA members an opportunity to run better businesses by automating many of the mundane administrative tasks they have to do every day, while keeping their costs down.

Being recognised by an organisation such as the MAA is rewarding for the team at Timely, who are dedicated to improving the lives of small business owners around the world.

Rueben Skipper, Timely’s Business Development Manager, said, “At Timely we pride ourselves in providing a booking system for massage therapists around the world.  So when the Massage Association of Australia formally endorsed Timely it really meant a lot to us. To me it says that all our work is paying off, because our customers are loving what we do.”

After a 30 day free trial, Timely accounts have a regular starting price of $19 AUD a month for customers in Australia, with SMS messages costing between $0.09 – $0.15 each depending on how many are purchased.

If you are a member of the Massage Association of Australia, please contact the onboarding team by emailing [email protected] and they’ll get you started. We hope to speak to you soon!

*This offer only applies to MAA members who sign up to Timely after February 2015.