You know what they say about first impressions, ‘you only get one go at it’. We’ve got you covered with the most effective client experience tools on the market…and they’re looking hot!

Major Updates to Lift Your Client Experience

Online booking is getting a facelift

Very soon you’ll notice some sleek updates. We’ve refreshed the design of Online Booking so it’s beautiful, modern and elevates your brand experience. Your clients start experiencing your business as soon as they book online, so it’s important that the experience is quick, easy and beautiful.

Customise your online booking

Over 40% of our customers have customised the colours of online booking to suit their branding or website, these businesses will keep their current colour scheme. If you have already selected the Timely theme you will receive the beautiful charcoal colour pictured below.

Find out more about other options to choose from, or customising your online booking here.

Email confirmations & Email reminders had a make-over too

We’ve continued the sleek, modern look in our email messages, ensuring the experience your client receives matches the experience you deliver. You can add your logo, contact information and additional text that your clients may need to know e.g. where to park their car or any preparation they may need to do before their appointment.

Automatic reminders are a great way to save time and reassure the client of their appointment. Some clients prefer email reminders, and others prefer SMS. To save time and reduce no-shows we recommend setting up both.

“I’ve saved 1.5 hours per day since joining Timely -thanks to their online booking and automatic reminders”- Simone | Simone Joy

Pre-printed Gift Cards

When your client is buying a gift card for a loved one of theirs, they’re doing that because they want to gift that person an experience at your business. There is no better compliment. In addition to using the gift vouchers that come with Timely – we’ve now made it easy for you to use your own custom gift cards or vouchers.

Using pre-printed gift cards

If you’d like to use traditional gift cards, similar to the ones you’d buy from a retail store (where they are scanned and a custom amount is added), you can! Make sure that you’ve turned on the setting in Timely by following this Help Guide.

Designing your own gift vouchers? It’s also easier to track them in Timely

We understand that some customers like to use their own designed gift vouchers. It’s now easier to keep a track of these as Timely will automatically provide a code for you to write on the voucher. When the client redeems the voucher, quickly type in the code when you ‘raise a sale’ for the appointment.

What else is new at Timely?

Last month we released a game-changer with ‘minimise gaps’ for online booking, and already some businesses have seen a 48% increase in bookings. If you have not already, click here to learn about how Timely’s online booking app lets you choose how you want your clients to book, eliminating the possibility of annoying time gaps in your calendar.  

We’re continually releasing new updates to Timely -keep an eye on our changelog or blog posts.