No-shows and last minute cancellations have to be some of the worst things about our business. We all understand that emergencies happen, but those flaky customers who think nothing of cancelling 10 minutes before their appointment or don’t show up at all? Well, they’re enough to have us silently screaming into the stock cupboard. Especially at this busy time of year when you could have easily filled that slot with someone from your waitlist.

Lose the no-shows and gain loyal clients with TimelyPay

But all that’s going to change. Because you’ve got TimelyPay (a nifty built-in feature of Timely) and that puts you in control. No more hits to your cash flow, no more lost revenue, no more messed up schedules.

Instead, you’ll have an appointment book chock full of loyal, reliable clients who show up on time and spend more money. Here’s how.


No-shows can cost your business up to $10,000 a year, fix it with deposits

Use TimelyPay for the easiest way to take payments and deposits

By charging deposits or cancellation fees with TimelyPay, you can weed out unreliable customers  and instead build a trustworthy client base. Because, as you know, clients are far more likely to attend an appointment if they’ve already paid a deposit or know they will be charged a fee for pulling out with less than the required notice.


Simply choose a flat fee, or a percentage of the service that you wish to take as a deposit on booking. Then it’s up to you if you want to collect deposits only on specific treatments – for example treatments that take over an hour, or cost a cost $100+

Cancellation fees

Instead of taking a deposit, you may wish to charge a cancellation fee. With TimelyPay’s card capture function, you can safely save clients’ card details and charge an agreed fee (which you can set out in your booking policy and tell your customers about) if they’re a no-show or last minute cancellation. That way you’re not left completely out of pocket.




Charging deposits can reduce your no-shows by 55% with TimelyPay

Sounds good, but I’m worried it’ll scare all my clients off!

There’s a lot of myths around what charging a deposit or implementing cancellation fees will do to your business. The good news is, it’s actually going to improve your business, and we’ve the research and stats to back that up. But we understand doing anything new is a bit daunting, so in the good old Timely way, we’re here to help.

First up, we’ve put together 3 guides which you can download to help you find out more about TimelyPay and using it to reduce no-shows and protect your income.

These cover everything from getting set up, letting your staff and clients know about your new policies and what we charge. (Which, by the way, is less than other popular payment providers!)

Timely Guide, Reducing no-shows and protecting income       Timely Guide, Creating your booking policy       Timely Guide, Getting started checklist



Businesses who turn on deposits see no drop in bookings over a 6 week period TimelyPay Blog

Now let’s bust those myths about charging deposits

Is it safe? Is it legal? Is it expensive? Will my clients all go elsewhere?

Yes. Yes. No. And no. But we know it’s important to hear what other salon owners and their customers are thinking. Check out the short videos below to discover what’s fact and fiction about using TimelyPay to charge deposits, take payments online and protect your income.


Meet Shelly, a solo business owner from Brisbane. Last year she started using TimelyPay to collect deposits from her clients when they were  booking online. As you’ll hear, it’s stopped her last minute cancellations and no-shows almost completely.


Stay safe and secure with Stripe

TimelyPay is powered by Stripe, a Payments Process Platform that meets the highest global safety and security standards for payment processing and card data storage. So you can rest assured that your sensitive business data is safe with us.

Payment data is encrypted to protect from hackers and fraud, and we don’t store any credit card data – we follow strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) guidelines to keep your customers’ credit card information safe and secure.



What are the costs involved? Are there any fees?

Nope! There are no additional costs for using TimelyPay, apart from the processing fees.



If you’ve got any questions, the Timely Team are here to help. Or hop on over to our TimelyPay page for more info.