Wouldn't it be great if there was an app that helped you reduce the time you spend doing non-billable work? Oh wait, there is! ;)

Let Timely save you from your admin tasks

When we set out to build Timely, we wanted to create a system that made it easy for people to do what they love doing without having to do a lot of the mundane activities that come with owning a business. Timely’s goal is to help you cut down on that admin expense by giving you an affordable solution that does some of your admin for you.

That’s exactly what we’ve done, and our customers agree.

Nicky Shore from OFF Wax was one of the first business owners to sign up to Timely, and she says that our booking software is “the central nervous system of our business.”

Online booking creates more customers

Nicky uses one of Timely’s most popular features, online booking, which makes a huge difference when it comes to getting visitors to her website or Facebook page to actually make an appointment and come into the business. She has found that it makes it easier for her clients to make bookings, which increases the amount of appointments she receives.

Ashleigh from Ashleigh Scott Facialist has had a similar experience, saying that online booking has helped her become more profitable. “When people call up about a booking it can take a few minutes to find a time and it’s frustrating for them. With online bookings it’s so much easier. They’ve got their diary there, they’ve got my diary there and it’s instant. You don’t have to have a login or create an account it’s just straight through. It’s so easy.”

Some business owners feel uncomfortable providing their customers with an option to book online, but we’ve set up Timely in way that puts you 100% in control. Customers don’t see your appointment book. They only see the available times you have that you’ve set, and then they can pick a time that suits them. It’s this ease of use helps that helps clients book quickly.

Aside from online bookings, the Timely calendar is the perfect way to manage the day-to-day running of your business. There are columns for staff where you can assign them clients, book in processing times, make group bookings as classes, and so much more.

Automation saves the day

We’re really big on automation. One could even say we’re automation nerds.

At Timely, a handful of staff provides exceptional care to thousands of people just like you, because we use software and systems to do the heavy lifting. That’s what automation is. This frees us up to do what we love doing, which is talking to you and making sure you’re happy.

We’ve used that same philosophy to build Timely. We’ve created features that eliminate the need for you to invest a lot of admin hours.

For example, you can sync invoices automatically to your accounting software save you from sitting up late in front of your computer doing it manually. Automatically sending SMS reminders to your customers saves you from getting those annoying no shows, or having to send the reminders yourself. You can even send all of your customer email addresses to your email marketing software so that you can send emails out based on the last time someone visited.

It’s the magical little features which cut down on your admin hours that makes Timely special. You too could have a taste of the action!

Once you’ve had a look at all that Timely has to offer in our tour, sign up to a free 30 day trial and send us an email to [email protected]. We’ll be able to answer any questions you have and help you get set up in your account so that you can start cutting down on your admin hours today!