Consultations are great for building client relationships, but uploading and storing the forms can be painful. Not anymore!  The team at Timely have improved and re-launched Consult; the free iOS app that allows you to turn all your paper forms digital.

Introducing Consult, the most efficient way to manage forms in your business

“Omg we are loving Consult!! Having the ability to create our own consultation forms has been so great. We’ve literally sold product and up-sold colour to every single client!!” Megan Panozzo, In Awe Salon

Consult works for any industry where gathering client information or consent is important

Consult is a separate iOS app (so perfect for using on an iPad or even iPhone), that enables you to build forms for you, your staff and your clients’ to complete. From consultations, soap notes, client intake to patching testing, and consent – the options are endless. There are a range of questions types you can use, including free-field, multi-choice, image mark-ups, client waivers as well as client signature fields to capture consent.

All forms can be stored securely in Timely or saved at your chosen location.

If you’re not sure how to get started, we have included some expert forms and industry templates that you can use as-is, or edit to suit your business.

Consult forms on iPad is the perfect way to replace paper in your business

New client records are automatically uploaded in Timely

Consult automatically connects to Timely so you can upload your completed forms and store all client information in the one place. PLUS you can automatically create new client records or update existing client contact details…making client intake so much easier! You can also access completed forms and check your client info anytime from their client record inside Timely.

If you aren’t a Timely user yet, you can send the completed forms to your email or save to a location of your choice.

Create and lock-down templates for your business

We understand that providing a consistent experience across your business can be time-consuming and involve a lot of training. Consult allows you to create your business templates and share them with your team so you’re all working with the same forms. As the business owner, you can decide who has edit access and you can build a library of templates that are tailored to your business.

Consult works beautifully on any Apple device, iPad and iPhone

Go on, download Consult today!

Whether you’re a hair salon, medi-spa, massage therapist, naturopath or running any business where getting client consent is important, we want you to give Consult a go. We’re only just getting started with Consult, so as always, let us know if you have any feedback.