Timely users can now easily add a ‘Book’ button to their Instagram account, for free. This allows your clients to be able to book an appointment straight from your Instagram profile without leaving the app.

Instagram Booking Now Available with Timely

How it works:

First you just need to add the ‘Book’ button to your Instagram account (we’ll show you how further down the page). Then anyone who visits your profile can simply click the ‘Book’ button which will bring up the Timely booking system right inside Instagram.


Clients will now be able to book your services without ever leaving Instagram.

Adding the ‘Book’ button to your account:

NOTE: Your Instagram account must be a business account. For more info on how to get this set up click here.

  1. Login to Instagram and go to your profile page.
  2. Click ‘Edit Profile’.
  3. Select ‘Contact Options’.
  4. Click on ‘Add an action button’.
  5. Select ‘Gettimely’ from the list.
  6. Copy and paste your booking URL.
  7. Spread the word. Share a post so your clients know and can start using it!

Instagram is visual, social, fun and free!

Visual: It’s true that a picture paints a thousand words. Prospective clients get to see your creations, think ‘yes I want that’ and boom, book directly from your Instagram page.

Social: Interact with your clients. They can like, comment, and share your posts, and you can follow each other. The more followers you have, the more likely your business is being promoted

Fun: You can have fun with your images, posts, and community. Clients will love the relaxed interaction – it helps them get to know you, and what your business stands for.

Free: Yip, its costs you nothing – so what are you waiting for? Add the book button to your Instagram account today.