We know that if you are using Timely constantly throughout the day small improvements can make a big difference to your ability to work effectively. With this in mind, we think you'll appreciate a few new features we've released to Timely.

Skip ahead “x” weeks

We’ve added two handy drop-downs to the calendar header allowing you to skip back/forward by set intervals of time. This is especially handy if you are using the “book next” function. For example, if the customer is at point-of-sale and wants to book their next appointment in 4 weeks time then you can simply click the appointment, choose “book next” and then skip ahead 4 weeks by using the drop-down.


Auto-search for customer

This is a real time-saver. When you are searching for customers from the Customers tab, we’ll auto-search for customers “on-the-fly”. In other words, as you are typing the results list will automatically update:


Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a specific customer we’ll automatically load the customer details in the right pane:


Print details of an individual appointment

Click this button to download a PDF file containing all the details of the selected appointment:


Other improvements

  • We’ve added data for classes to the Business Summary and Future Value reports
  • The calendar date picker works a lot better on the mobile version of Timely for Windows Phones
  • Added a custom MailChimp field to customers that is fed through to MailChimp as an attribute that can be filtered on
  • Improved the JavaScript used for the online booking plugin.

View more information in the Tour regarding features related to the Calendar, Customers, and Point of Sale.