At the end of a busy day, doing the daily cash up and balancing the till is no one’s favourite task.

Improved Cash Management in Timely

Kelvin Ovington, owner of OFF & ON has 6 locations and 42 staff to manage. Cash up has always meant double checking daily cash ups and till receipts against a spreadsheet, which created extra work for both himself and his staff.

End of day cash up used to be a huge hassle, and was prone to human error. Having the ability to cash up in Timely significantly streamlines this process, reduces double handling, and makes identifying and resolving errors easy.

Keeping your till balanced and reconciled is an important part of your day, but it doesn’t need to be a chore. We’ve released cash up on both our mobile and web app to ensure you have full visibility over your in-store incomings and outgoings, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your numbers.

Here’s how to get set up.

Cashing up is a breeze on iOS and web

At the end of the day, it’s important to count up your cash and card payments to balance your till and card payment machine. Timely takes the pain out of this process, by providing you with accurate totals for each payment type for you to compare with your actual totals.

Matt Tong and his wife Abbie run So You Hair, with 5 stylists working in a boutique salon in Wellington. Matt keeps an eye on the salon finances from home, while Abbie runs the salon day to day. Often left guessing how much cash was left in the till each day, Matt finds the Timely cash up feature much easier than his previous manual processes:

“Cashing up in Timely gives me the information I need to track what cash goes in and out, and will also make staff accountable for the cash balances and help eliminate errors and potential theft.”

The addition of cash up and petty cash tracking on Timely’s iOS app – and the impending release of payment terminal integrations – makes the mobile app on iPad  the premier front counter experience for your salon and spa.

Find out more about cash management in Timely in the help guides.

Cash Up Customer So you Hair Salon

Track petty cash movements with ease

Need to pop out and grab a round of coffees for your team? With Timely registers you can easily remove cash from the till and we’ll include that in the totals for the day to make sure your tills balance. Heather from Heather White Salon started off on her own, but as she has added 2 new staff, she finds that tracking petty cash from within Timely results in better cash management processes in her team:

“The petty cash option gives me more control over what can sometimes be a loose cannon on the front desk! As a salon owner it gives me a snapshot of the day’s income without feeling I need the accountant to explain the numbers.”

Find out more about petty cash in the help guide.



Refunds is the next piece of the puzzle

We know that cash management is important when you’re running a business, so we’re not just stopping with cash up. Being able to record refunds in Timely will make it even easier to keep a handle on your cash management, and keep your accountant happy!

You’ll be able to process refunds for your Timely sales, removing the need to delete or edit invoices. Your books will always be balanced, and you’ll have a better handle on your cash management.

Refunds will be released on both iOS and web, so you’ll always be able to keep your books balanced.